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Tropical Interiors

Inside Plants for Beautiful Tropical Interiors

If you’re thinking of transforming your drab office or commercial space into something stunning, making it into a tropical paradise is a sure way to make it go from blah to wow! Inside Plants can help you get affordable gorgeous tropical interiors using lush greenery and unique, colorful planters. 


We are an experienced plants and plant service company serving clients in Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.  We offer 100% warranty with our plant service.


Our team of highly creative and professional interiorscapers will collaborate with you to come out with the tropical interiors of your dreams. Inside Plants have a dazzling variety of plants that we can incorporate into your particular design that brings the freshness of the outdoors inside. 


When we plan for your tropical interiors, we take several key factors into consideration:


Interiors of Your Space.  Your interior plantscape should complement, not clash with design of your interiors. Our expert plant design experts choose the best plants and foliage that go well with your space while creating tropical interiors you desire.  


We also consider the amount of space you have. If you have wide, expansive spaces, we may recommend putting in a large living wall or an indoor tropical oasis with lush plants and indoor palms. Or if space is restricted, plants in colorful containers may be more appropriate. 


Amount of Natural Light. What you incorporate into your tropical interiors plantscape is dependent on the amount of natural light that your space gets. Inside Plants experts know what plants are best suited for low light or office light conditions so you can be sure that your interiorscaping will remain fresh and beautiful.  


Budget. When we plan for your tropical interiors, we take into consideration the amount of budget you have, not only for the initial installation, but for its upkeep and maintenance. 

Advantages of Working with Inside Plants for Your Tropical Interiors

At Inside Plants, we have your indoor plant needs and services covered. When you hire us as your plant service company, you get the whole package in one stop. Here is what we can do for you:


Plan and Design. Our team of designers will sit down and carefully discuss with you your vision for your space. We meticulously lay down a plan for your tropical interiors, including what elements and plants we will incorporate into the design.


We give you the option to purchase the plants and planters included in the package. Or you may opt to just pay a monthly rental fee.


Along with the design plan, we also include the cost of maintenance so you’re sure that your plantscape stays beautiful.


Installation. With blueprint in hand, our plant technicians make your tropical dream into a lush and green reality. 


We just don’t install, we make sure that the plants we put in your space are well suited to their new environment. We make sure they’re thriving. If things need to be changed, we don’t stop until they are perfect.


Maintenance.  This is simple ….. We take good care of your investment. While we do amazing indoor plant installations, we make sure they stay amazing with excellent plant care services. This is our specialty. And this is how Inside Plants makes a difference. We make sure that you are never “caught with your plants down!”


Here are just a few things that our plant care specialist do for you:

  • Watering. We make sure that each plant gets the just the right amount of water because not all plants are created equal. Some need very little, and some need a little more than others.


  • Fertilizing.  Same with watering, each kind of plant has specific requirements for the kind and amount of fertilizer it needs. 


  • Dusting and Polishing. 


  • Potting, Re-potting. Plants need to be regularly re-potted as they grow. 


  • Pruning and Trimming. You want a tropical paradise, not a jungle. We do regular pruning and trimming to prevent overgrowth.


  • Pest Control


Best Indoor Plants for Tropical Interiors

How do we turn your space into a tropical oasis?


Achieving the tropical interiors you desire is not just about using specific colors or type of plants. Instead, we use a variety of different elements to create that lush, tropical feel. We include a wide variety of greenery and foliage all throughout your space to create that sense of having the outdoor tropics, indoors. This could mean potted palms, ferns or ficus trees. Some lively, bold colored flowers and large leafy plants also make strong statements and add to that tropical feel. 


Here are some plants that help you achieve your tropical paradise indoors:


Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia). This is as tropical as you can get. With blue and orange coloring, bird of paradise certainly makes a strong visual impact. What’s great is that it is also surprisingly well adapted for the indoors and is easier to maintain than other tropical plants. This plant usually blooms in the late winter or early spring, but if growing conditions are good, it can bloom multiple times in one year, giving you plenty of color to brighten up your space.


Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia). This is a true tropical foliage plant. The beauty of this plant comes from the unique pattern found on every leaf - yellow near the vein and turning dark green toward the leaf edge. And along the leaf’s body, there are ribbons and spots of yellow and green. 


Amazon Elephant’s Ear. This plant makes a huge statement with its large leaves and striking whitish veins against deep green leaves. It is well adapted to indoor living and can survive with up to 80% shade. In fact, they do not do well when exposed to direct or intense sunlight. 


Bromeliads. These are considered one of the easiest of all tropical plants to grow. Though they are actually air plants, they are easily adapted to growing in pots. Because they come in wide array of colors and textures, they make a great addition to any space.


Cordyline. These make a bold and colorful addition to your tropical plantscape. They come in a wide array of leaf colors and provide a dramatic accent to any space. Put these in your office or commercial space and you’d think you’ve been transported to Hawaii.


Palm Trees. When you say tropics, the first thing that comes to mind are palm trees swaying in the wind. Inside Plants can recreate that image in your space because there are actually palms that are easy to grow indoors. 


The thing to remember about palms is they tend to grow …. and grow some more. While it is possible to grow them indoors in pots, they need to be eventually re-planted outdoors. However, if your office has a wide open space that can take in large trees, palm trees are the way to go in creating that lush tropical interiors you’ve always wanted.


Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica). This tree like plant has large green leaves. There are 2 popular species - the decora with large green oval shaped leaves, and the robusta which has larger leaves. They make good indoor plants because they do well under lower light conditions.


Peace Lily.  If you would like to incorporate blooms into your plantscape, the peace lily is a great option. They make the most impact when massed and are in full bloom. And the big bonus is that they are not as hard to cultivate indoors as they look. 


Anthuriums. Their bright flowers provide a spot of tropical color to any interiorscape. They are a bit challenging to grow indoors. However, with Inside Plants’ highly skilled plant care specialist, any plant they put in your space is sure to flourish and grow.


Schefflera. Also called umbrella plants, these have broad, glossy leaves that grow abundantly. They can be used as background plants or may be placed in a bright, warm corner for a nice canopy effect. 


Orchids. Nothing says “tropics” more than a gorgeous flowering orchid. While they may be tricky to grow, you can rely on Inside Plants to provide expert plant care should you decide to incorporate these in your tropical interiors. 


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