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Succulent Benefits

Benefits of Using Succulents As Indoor Plants

Using succulents as part of your indoor plant mixture is very on-trend this year, and can bring large benefits to your indoor areas.  


What are succulents?  Well, they are easy to spot. Succulents are plants that have some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions.  


Succulents plants may store water in various structures, such as leaves and stems. These plants are often grown as ornamental plants because of their striking and unusual appearance.


You can bring a part of nature into your home or office by introducing easy-to-raise succulents as part of your indoor plant plan. These plants that store water in the stems and leaves, are popular for growing indoors because of their many advantages.

Here are seven benefits of growing succulents in your home or office:

1.    Succulents can brighten an indoor space in any climate

Succulents make such popular indoor plants because of their hardiness and ability to grow in a wide variety of climates. In nature, one can find these plants growing in virtually any clime. 


In homes and commercial spaces, they thrive in room temperature environments. They will not only add green to your space any time of the year, but they will also bloom in season, thereby splashing the canvas of your interiors with color.

2.    Succulents can help to purify the air

Succulents can remove many volatile organic compounds from the air.  Plants emit water vapor, and that in turn generates a pumping action that pulls contaminated air down to the roots of the plant. 


The succulent converts these contaminates to plant food, thereby getting nourished and purifying indoor air at the same time.

3.    Succulents improve the humidity of your home

Because plants release water, they can enhance the humidity of your indoor space.  Increased moisture, in turn, can improve common health complaints including:

    • A sore throat

    • Common colds

    • Dry cough

    • Dry, itchy skin

4.    Succulents can improve focus

Many adults and children also have less severe issues with attention when in an environment that includes green plants.  Many children have ADHD, and studies have shown that plants and succulents in the environment make a measurable difference.   


Regular exposure to nature, even in the form of houseplants, can help children focus better.


5.    Succulents can add fresh oxygen to your environment

Succulents provide a continuous burst of oxygen that freshens the air and improves breathing.  It’s a particularly good idea to add plants to rooms where you feel you need an extra breath of fresh air, like those that might be interior rooms without direct outside access.


Succulents help you breathe easier. Having plants inside is good for your health. We breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide into the environment.  During the day, plants do the opposite, absorbing our carbon dioxide and releasing more oxygen into the air.  


Adding succulents to your indoor spaces can help keep your air fresh while also removing some of the toxins from the environment.

6.    Succulents enhance memory

Psychology research reveals many cognitive benefits to interacting with nature, whether that means walking in a park, growing plants in your house, or even just looking at photographs of flora. In fact, memory retention was shown to improve as much as 20% after subjects spent an hour in nature. 


Improved memory retention leads to enhanced work and school performance, so it’s a great idea to place succulents in your study or library, your home office, or in any room where your children typically do their homework, not to mention where your employees spend time.


7.    Succulents can increase pain intolerance and heal

It may sound preposterous to suggest that the mere presence of a plant can curb your pain, but the idea has gained some support from horticultural therapy research conducted by the University of Kansas. 


This research found that patients seemed to need less pain medication when they had plants in their hospital rooms.


Succulents are way more than just pretty faces: they also contain healing properties long used for wound healing and other health benefits. For instance, agave is a natural antiseptic that can be used to treat cuts and burns. 


The gel of an aloe vera plant alleviates sunburns, and helps with cuts and bruises, and has long been taken internally to treat bowel diseases, fever, and other conditions.


8.  Succulents can help reduce depression and anxiety.

Studies have found that indoor plants can improve your concentration and boost your mood. Having succulents in your home or office will make your day more productive and peaceful. 


And since the act of caring for a plant, watching it grow, and flourish with your help, is rewarding. It can also help alleviate loneliness and depression.


Succulents are known for being hardy and easy to care for. They do not require as much water as most common plant varieties and can survive in difficult environments.


Despite the health benefits of indoor plants, many of us do not want to go through the trouble of caring for and maintaining an indoor garden.  Not everyone has a green thumb and growing plants for indoors can be challenging. 


Luckily, there are options available for those wanting to reap the advantages of having indoor plant life.  


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