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Redlands Tropical Interiors

Redlands Tropical Interiors

Do you want to create the best Redlands Tropical Interiors?  INSIDE PLANTS, an experienced interior plant service company, can help you achieve this. We will help you bring in the beauty and freshness of the outdoors with a creative indoor plant design.


So why call INSIDE PLANTS?


Expertise and Experience. This is what you get with INSIDE PLANTS. Aside from our 40 years of experience in interior plant service, we are also backed by formal training on plants and plant care. 


Our team consists of talented plant technicians with NALP certification on landscaping Interior. Together, we will strive for a beautiful Redlands tropical interiors that you envisioned for your space. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed. At INSIDE PLANTS, we are committed to giving our clients the best customer experience. When you hire us, we make sure that you’re never “caught with your plants down”.


We offer a 100% warranty on our monthly maintenance service to make sure your plants are always strong and healthy. We will also replace plants that are losing their glow with no added charge.


Honesty and Integrity. When we commit to doing things, you can be sure it will be done according to what was agreed on. 


Customized and Personalized. At INSIDE PLANTS, we don’t do cookie cutter designs. Our creative team of indoor landscapers will work with you closely in order to come up with a beautiful design that perfectly expresses your vision. 


High Quality Plant Care and Maintenance. Indoor landscaping is an investment. Our plant care experts ensure that your investment is always beautiful and fresh through high quality plant care. When you hire us, we will do these for you:


  • Water your plants as needed


  • Fertilize 


  • Prune and trim


  • Pot and repot, as needed


  • Do pest control 


  • Dust and shine


Full Range of Services. Aside from personalized plant design, care and maintenance, we also offer:


  • Plant sales and rental. We have a large variety of plants for sale and for rent. We surely have the perfect plants that fit your needs and budget.


  • Holiday Decor. We will help make your space ready and festive for the holidays. Choose from our stock of rentable pre-decorated trees, garlands, wreaths and other holiday accessories.


  • Plant Walls. Limited floor space but still want the benefits of having plants indoors? Worry not. INSIDE PLANTS’ Living Walls are the perfect solution! We have the best system for your vertical space.


  • Special Events and Staging. Make your special events memorable with INSIDE PLANTS’ expert interior landscaping. We also do plant staging for model homes and houses for sale, helping you attract more buyers.

Faux or Replica Plants. Unfortunately, live plants may not always work for your space and schedule. Artificial plants are the next best option. Choose from our wide range of artificial trees, grasses, succulents, and even exotic plants to decorate your home or office.

Plants for Your Redlands Tropical Interiors


Achieving the Redlands tropical interiors is an art. We use a variety of different elements that help create lush, tropical feel. Potted palms, ferns or ficus trees, and some lively, bold-colored flowers can transform your drab space to a beautiful and exotic paradise. 


Listed below are some of the plants we use to create just the right atmosphere:


  • Orchids. This beauty is a perfect addition to your tropical garden. They may be a bit tricky to handle but INSIDE PLANTS has the expertise to provide the care necessary should you decide to add this to your indoor plantscape.


  • Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia). Nothing screams “tropical” more than this flowering plant because of its bold blue and orange colors. Although it may look too exotic, it surprisingly adapts well indoors and is easy to cultivate. 


  • Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia).  This is a true tropical plant that adds beauty to any interiors with its unique patterned leaves - yellow colors near the plant veins that turn dark green toward the leaf margin. Then, along the leaf’s body, there are ribbons and spots of yellow and green. 


  • Bromeliads. This is another low maintenance option if you want to add a splash of color to your Redlands tropical interiors. 


  • Palm Trees. When you say tropics, the first thing that comes to mind are palm trees swaying in the wind. INSIDE PLANTS can recreate that image in your space because there are palms that are easy to grow indoors. 


  • Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica). Although not an actual tree, this plant has large green leaves that make a great addition to a tropical indoor garden. They make great indoor plants because they do well under low light conditions 


These are just few of the wonderful plants that INSIDE PLANTS can incorporate into your Redlands tropical interiors. Our expert indoor landscape technicians will carefully assess your space and help you select plants suited for your particular situation. They do this by looking at these important key factors:


  • Growing Conditions. This includes the amount of natural light, the level of humidity, and the temperature in your building or home. 


  • The Amount of Space You Have. We will choose plants appropriate for your available space. If you have limited floor space, we may suggest a living wall of tropical plants.

The Design Features of Your Space. This is another important consideration. We make sure that the interior landscaping will compliment and not clash with the design features of your space.

Create The Best Redlands Tropical Interiors - Call Us Today


If you’re ready to transform your space into a tropical paradise, let INSIDE PLANTS make your vision into a reality. We have everything you need to get started.


Call us for a free estimate at these numbers: 951 371 4637760 322 9909 / 800 376 4637 


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