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Redlands Office Plant Service

Redlands Office Plant Service

If your indoor plants need some TLC, call the best Redlands office plant service company.  INSIDE PLANTS has been in the business of interior plant service since 1978. We know all about plants and we have everything you need to make your office a beautiful and fresh space.


INSIDE PLANTS has been in the industry for 40 years. We gained valued clients from Temecula to Victorville and from Orange County to Indio, who trust us with their office plants. 


Here’s a testimonial regarding our service:


“Heddy, with Inside Plants, is a delight to work with. She assisted me on both commercial and residential projects since 2011. 


With her expertise and knowledge, the selected plants, planters and arrangements always look and perform beautifully in every space.  Heddy offers the best quality of service and products and is a joy to be with. She makes the process easy and that is why I continue doing business with her.”


We know satisfied customers will always be our best endorsers.  When you call us for your Redlands office plant service, you are in for the best customer experience from INSIDE PLANTS.

Redlands Office Plant Service - Why People Love Us


We are committed. We do as we promised. While some will give excuses, INSIDE PLANTS will be fully committed to what we promise.


Creative and Skilled Team. Our team of plant technicians are some of the best in the industry. Our landscape technicians are certified and trained in interior plant maintenance and design.


Do you have a vision of what you want for your interior plantscape? INSIDE PLANTS doesn’t do cookie cutter designs. When you hire us for Redlands office plant service, we will attentively listen to your needs and translate your vision to a design that is uniquely yours.


We will assess your space to determine what plants are appropriate, while having these factors in mind:


  • Growing conditions of your office. The amount of natural light it receives, the humidity level, and temperature. We make sure that the plants we incorporate in your plantscape will thrive beautifully. 


  • Your office design and architecture.


  • Your office space. For instance, when there is limited floor space, we can choose to go vertical with Living Walls. You will still benefit from indoor plants without sacrificing precious floor space.


After considering all important factors, we will help you select the best program and plants needed for your interior plantscape. You may purchase the plants or ask about our long term plant rental program. 


INSIDE PLANTS’ rental program has guaranteed maintenance on plants and decorative planters. This is a cost effective option that allows you to have all the office (or house) plants you want without breaking the bank. 


High quality plant maintenance. Our team of plant care experts love what they do and it shows in the quality of their work. We make sure that your plants stay healthy so your indoor landscaping is always fresh and beautiful.


To care for your plants, we:


  • Make sure your plants are watered regularly.


  • Fertilize when needed.


  • Conduct pest control if necessary.


  • Prune and trim to prevent overgrowth and maintain plants’ health.


  • Dust and shine leaves.


  • Pot and repot as plants grow.


We offer convenience. It’s not easy to find all your indoor plant needs and services in one place. Good thing, INSIDE PLANTS is a one-stop shop. Ask us about these:


  • Special Events, Day Rentals, and Staging. When it comes to your special events, trust our team to come up with stand out designs. We also do interior landscaping for residential and model homes.


  • Holiday Decor. Make your space holiday-ready with INSIDE PLANTS. We have an array of pre-decorated trees, garlands, wreaths, and accessories. We can also install holiday-themed plants such as poinsettias to make your space more festive.


  • Living Walls or Moss Walls. These are the newest trends in indoor landscaping. They provide maximum impact while being easy to maintain.

Faux or Replica Plants. If living plants are not possible for your space, these are the next best option. We have a variety of quality faux plants that can brighten your office without too much maintenance.

Trends in Interior Landscaping


Here are some of the new things people are incorporating into their interior landscaping:


Edibles. “Locavore Movement”, a challenge that urges people to buy food locally, has influenced the trend of adding ornamental edibles into interior landscaping. Many edibles are not only delicious, but are also pleasing and aromatic. That’s aromatherapy at its freshest! 


Examples of edibles that make good indoor plants are: sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, peppers, kale, cabbage, edible flowers, and salad greens. These can be grown either in raised beds or on windowsills. Or, imagine a living wall of herbs and lettuces!


Outdoor Rooms. While technically not interior landscaping, the number of office complexes that incorporate outdoor rooms increases. Aside from plants such as bamboo, palms, or ornamental grasses, outdoor rooms include comfortable seating and water features that promote relaxation.  


Ask our team of experts at INSIDE PLANTS about these and other design features for your space. As a topnotch Redlands Office plant service company, we stay updated on trends to give you the latest in interior landscaping.

Call Us for the Best Redlands Office Plant Service


INSIDE PLANTS is an experienced indoor plant service company. We specialize in interior plant design and maintenance for commercial and residential clients.


Call us for a free estimate and have your questions answered.


Contact us through these numbers:


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