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Redlands Interior Landscaping

Redlands Interior Landscaping

INSIDE PLANTS specializes in Redlands interior landscaping that gives you a fresh way of adding beauty and color to your indoor spaces. We can design a plantscape that is uniquely yours. 


What sets us apart?


We’re Experienced


INSIDE PLANTS was established in 1978. With more than 40 years of experience in the business, you can trust that we know everything about interior plantscape design.  


Our team is composed of NALP certified interior landscape technicians who carefully consider clients’ ideas and desires for their indoor space. We also personally assess the space to determine what plants are appropriate for the growing conditions in it and the design best suited for the location. 


From all of these, we design an interior landscape that is beautiful, timeless, and elegant.


With an approved blueprint on hand, we install your plants and make sure that they are placed in optimal locations. This ensures that they stay healthy and beautiful for a long time.  


Customer Service is Our Top Priority


We do not do anything haphazardly. Your satisfaction is our top priority.  From consultation, plant installation, up to plant maintenance and care, INSIDE PLANTS makes sure that you get the best customer experience possible. 


When we promise to do something, you can trust that we will do as we say. No if’s or but’s. 


And here’s more. We offer a 100% warranty on our maintenance service. We guarantee that the plants under our care remain healthy or we replace them - at no cost to you.


High-Quality Maintenance Service for your Redlands Interior Landscaping


Your interior landscaping is an investment. We make sure that your investment is worthwhile and lasting by giving you top-notch care for your plants. Our plant care experts will conduct scheduled visits to check each plant.


We perform the following activities to ensure your plants remain always healthy and fresh:


  • Water


  • Prune and trim


  • Pot and repot


  • Fertilize


  • Pest control


  • Dust and shine


Whole Range of Services


It is not often that you find all your plant needs and services in one place. Whether it is for office space, a hotel lobby, or a home atrium, we have everything you need to accomplish your Redlands interior landscaping design needs. Aside from interior landscape design and maintenance service, we offer the following:


  • Indoor plants and planters for sale or for rent for your office or home. (Ask about our long term and day rentals for special events)


  • Holiday decor


  • Living walls and moss walls


  • Faux or Replica plants


When you want something unique and extraordinary for your home or office, call INSIDE PLANTS to help achieve the indoor green oasis of your dreams.

Indoor Plants to Include in Your Interior Landscaping


There is a large variety of plants and greenery that you can include in your plantscape. Are you envisioning a colorful tropical paradise or a calm zen garden, perhaps a desert landscape? Anything is possible with plants!


Add the following plants to your design!


Geranium. If you like color, geraniums will never disappoint. They add a bright spot of color to any space. These are ideal for locations with lots of natural light.


African Violet. Violets bloom all year round and are easy to take care of. Contrary to its name, they don’t only come in violet but in a wide range of colors - from white to pale pink, to dark purple, and even blue. They do well under indirect or filtered light. 


African Mask Plant. If you want a hint of a tropical feel, this plant is a beautiful addition. It has broad, arrow-shaped leaves, boldly patterned in silver. These grow best under humid conditions.  


Chinese Evergreen. One of the easiest indoor plants to grow, these can flourish under diverse growing conditions, from low light to high light and from low to high humidity. They can even survive even if you water them rarely. They have dark green leaves with silver patterns. 


Succulents. These are perfect if you are going for a desert landscape. If your office or home receives a good deal of light, succulents will do well in your space. They are available in a variety of shapes and colors. These are ideal for locations where space is limited.


Jade Plant. Also known as the money tree, it is a succulent plant with small flowers. These not only add an attractive focal point, but they are also low maintenance because they require minimal watering. 


Weeping Fig. Also known as the Ficus benjamina, this large plant is useful in filtering pollutants produced by carpets and furniture such as formaldehyde and benzene.  


English Ivy. This beautiful clinging evergreen vine with dark berries filter out harmful formaldehyde from the air and reduce airborne fecal matter particles! Yikes. 

Peace Lily. This flowering plant has large leaves and can fill up blank, boring spaces. This is ideal for office spaces that lack big windows because they can grow even under low office lighting conditions. Best of all, the peace lily also cleans indoor air.

For Best Redlands Interior Landscaping, Call Us Today


INSIDE PLANTS specializes in indoor plant design and service. For your Redlands interior landscaping design, call us today for a free consultation and estimates.


You can reach us at these numbers:


Corona  (951)371-4637
Palm Springs  (760)322-9909
Toll-free  (800) 376-4637

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