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Redlands Indoor Plants

Redlands Indoor Plants

For all your Redlands indoor plants needs, trust only the best. INSIDE PLANTS has been in the business of indoor plants and plant service since 1978.  We help you bring the freshness and vitality of the outdoors, inside - whether it’s for your commercial or residential spaces.

Why trust us with your Redlands indoor plants?


We have years of experience. When it comes to anything - plants and plant service, included, experience is the key. And when it comes to experience, INSIDE PLANTS’ 40 years in the business is hard to beat.


INSIDE PLANTS literally grew from one woman’s passion. Our Chief Decision Maker started the company with only a handful of commercial clients. But she did not stop there. She took formal training to provide better services to her clients.


Today, Ms. Schulkind and her team are recognized experts in indoor plant care and design. INSIDE PLANTS has established such a reputation that even other indoor plant services turn to Ms. Schulkind for private training. 


Customer Satisfaction is Our Number One Priority.  You are assured that you are given the highest quality plants and plant maintenance service by our team of experts. Under our care, your interior plants will always be healthy and beautiful.


We offer 100% maintenance service warranty. If plants under our care do not meet your standards, we replace them AT NO EXTRA COST to you. 


All Under One Roof. It’s hard to find everything you need under one roof. At INSIDE PLANTS, we make it convenient for you. What do we have in store for you?


  • Redlands Indoor Plants. We offer you a wide variety of choices of high-quality indoor plants for sale or for rent for every need and budget.


  • Artificial or Faux Plant Options. If living plants are not a viable option because the growing condition in your space is not suited for them, or if maintenance is not something you want, we have a dazzling array of artificial or faux plants. 


  • Custom Plantscape Design. More than Redlands indoor plants, INSIDE PLANTS offers personalized indoor landscaping that makes any space in your office or home amazing. Our talented team of designers will sit down with you to know exactly what you want and design a plantscape that meets your needs and budget.


Because of our knowledge of plants, we recommend those that are appropriate for your space. We carefully consider the following:


  • Growing conditions in your space including the amount of natural light it receives, humidity and moisture levels, as well the temperature level. Some plants are better suited for sunny locations while some do well under low lighting conditions of the office, for instance.


  • The architectural or design features of your space also dictate what plants are appropriate. For example, if your space is small or has limited space, small potted plants, or even a living wall that goes vertical may be the better option for you. 


If you have wide, expansive spaces large trees may be an option to add interest to your plantscape. 


Our proposal comes with the option to buy the plants right away. We also offer a package that includes monthly rental and plant care services.


  • Living Walls and Preserved Moss Walls. These amps up the WOW factor in any office or residential space. They are the latest trend in plantscaping and as mentioned above, are ideal for spaces with limited floor space for plants. However, these can also be used for large, blank walls that need a pop of color and texture.


Plant walls are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also contribute to: 


  • improving the air quality in an enclosed space


  • reducing office noise and ambient sounds because of their sound absorbing ability


  • lowering energy consumption because of their natural insulating quality.  


  • Unique Plant Layouts for Your Special Events. Why settle for the ordinary when INSIDE PLANTS can make your special event stand out? 


Our talented team of plant designers can design a plant layout that is unique to your event, set the plants up, and take them away at the end of the day - no fuss, no stress. 


Here are a few examples of events that cater to:

    • Conferences


    • Special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events


    • Conventions


    • Booths for Exhibits


    • Open house for model homes


    • Staging for homes for rent


  • Holiday Decorating. Whether it is for your office or for your home, we get your space ready for the holidays with beautiful, festive holiday decor. Choose from our ready stock of pre-decorated trees, garlands, wreaths, and trims. Or better yet, let us make your vision into a reality with a holiday decor design that’s uniquely yours.


  • High-Quality Indoor Plant Service. INSIDE PLANTS not only specializes in Redlands indoor plants, but we also offer exceptional plant maintenance. This is where we started and it remains to be our passion. 


We offer monthly indoor plant maintenance service that comes with a 100% warranty. We ensure that the plants we install in your space remain healthy and green or we replace them - no questions asked. 


Here is how we ensure that your investment is protected:

    • Make sure that plants are watered properly


    • Keep plants healthy with the right amount of plant food and fertilizers


    • Pot and repot plants as they grow


    • Ensure that plants are bug and pest free


    • Keep everything fresh and tidy through regular pruning and trimming


    • Dust foliage

The Benefits of Having Indoor Plants in Your Home or Office

With people spending more and more time indoors, we often miss out on the benefits that the outdoor environment brings. Bringing in living plants indoors is one of the easiest way of adding in some freshness to enclosed spaces.


What are the benefits of having plants in your home or office? 


Aside from bringing in the freshness of the outdoors in, plants improve the aesthetics of your indoor space. Using various plants and foliage, you can easily add color and texture to any office or corner of your home.  


However, plants add more value by:


Improving Air Quality. Indoor air is not the healthiest atmosphere. While you may think that pollution outdoors is the worst, it can be twice as bad inside. 


In an air-conditioned environment, the air is re-circulated and may be filled with toxic compounds. Where do these come from? They come from common items as furniture, clothing, carpets and even cleaning compounds. 


Plants have the ability to filter and purify indoor air.  They draw in compounds from the air and convert these to plant food. 


At the same time, they also release oxygen and water into the air, balancing the humidity level in an enclosed space. This counteracts the drying effect of air conditioning on the body. 


Noise Control. There are some office noises that cannot be avoided. And they can be loud enough to affect employee concentration and focus. Plants naturally absorb noise and can make any office a more relaxing space. 


Stress Relief.  Various studies have proven that plants are good for people. Workers who are surrounded by plants in their workplace are found to be less stressed. Consider these interesting figures:


  • 37% drop in tension and anxiety; 


  • 58% decrease in feelings of depression or dejection;  


  • 44% decrease in anger and hostility;


  • 38% reduction in fatigue


While indoor plants and indoor plantscapes may be quite an investment, the return is certainly worth it.

Get a Free Estimate for Redlands Indoor Plants

If you are interested in Redlands indoor plants and how they can improve your indoor spaces, let INSIDE PLANTS help. 


Call us today to have your questions answered and get a free estimate.


You can reach us at these numbers:


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