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Redlands Indoor Plant Service

Redlands Indoor Plant Service

INSIDE PLANTS is an experienced company providing the best Redlands indoor plant service so you never get caught with “your plants down”! We have been in the business of plant design, care, and maintenance since 1978. When it comes to all things plants, we know what we are talking about.


Why do people trust us with their Redlands Indoor Plant Service?


Experience to Back Us Up. Having been in the business for more than 40 years, you can trust that we have the experience and know how to give the best care for your plants and plantscape. We have established such a solid reputation that even other indoor plant service companies turn to us for training.


We have plant technicians who are NALP certified interior landscape experts. They creatively design plantscapes and ensure that these are given proper care so they remain beautiful and fresh. 


We guarantee that INSIDE PLANTS provides the highest quality of Redlands indoor plant service you can find. 


Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority.  We take customer satisfaction seriously. We strive to give you the best customer experience from start to finish. When you avail our maintenance services, we give you a 100% warranty. 


This means that plants under our care will always be fresh, healthy, and beautiful, or we replace them at no cost to you. 


All Your Plant Service Needs in One Stop. At INSIDE PLANTS, you get convenience. You get all your indoor plant needs and services in one place.


High Quality and Affordable Plants and Planters. Start everything right with beautiful and healthy indoor plants. We have the widest variety of choices so you can be sure to find plants that fit your needs and budget. You can choose to purchase outright or rent on a monthly basis.


Indoor Plantscape Design. Bring the freshness and beauty of the outdoors into your space with indoor landscaping. 


Do you have a particular concept in mind? Our creative team of indoor landscape experts can make it happen. We carefully consider your ideas and turn these into reality using plants that are suited for your commercial or residential space.  


In designing your space, we take into consideration these important factors:


    • The growing conditions in your space including the amount of natural light available, humidity level, and temperature. In designing your plantscape, we include plants and greenery that will survive and thrive in your space. This makes it easier in terms of care and maintenance.


    • The amount of space you have. We make sure that the plants we put in are also appropriate and match the scale of your space. A large and cold lobby can be turned into a welcoming oasis with a variety of large plants, and even trees if space allows it. 


     Or we can install a series of small preserved walls or living walls in a space where floor space is limited. 


    • The style of architecture or design of your space. We make sure that the plants we install enhance, not clash with the current design of your space. For instance, if your space is modern and stark, an English garden style of indoor landscaping will not be the best fit.


    • Your Budget. We know that indoor landscaping is an investment. Therefore, when we design for you, we carefully consider the budget you have earmarked for your investment. We put in plants that fit your budget while ensuring that these are also easy to maintain and keep beautiful. 


Expert Plant Care and Maintenance. This was where it all started. INSIDE PLANTS was started by our Chief Decision Maker, Ms. Heddy Schulkind Salerno, offering plant care and maintenance to a handful of commercial clients. 


Today, it is still what we love doing and it shows in the quality of work we do. We have not earned the reputation of the best Redlands indoor plant service company for nothing. 


Under the expert hands of plant care specialists, your indoor plantscape will thrive and grow. They help ensure that your investment is well taken care of.  


Special Events. We make your special events more special with beautiful and unique plant layouts. Whatever your event is - a wedding, a booth in an exhibit, a special birthday party, or a convention, we bring it to life with plants. 


Having an open house for your house for sale? Attract a lot of prospective buyers by making your home more attractive with plants.


And one of the most special events of all - the holidays! Why stress yourself with holiday decorating? Leave everything to us and we’ll make sure that your office or residential space is the most festive of all! 


We have a variety of ready stock pre-decorated wreaths, garlands and trees.  Or better yet, tell us your ideas and we’ll work our magic to give you holiday decor that’s uniquely yours. 


Faux or Artificial Plants. While living plants indeed help in making your indoor space greener and healthier, there are times that they just won’t work for you. Either because the growing conditions are not ideal or you simply don’t want to be burdened with too much maintenance.  


Faux or artificial plants are the next best option. We have a variety of lifelike plants such as succulents, grasses, trees, even exotic orchids that will add color to any office or residential space.

Ideal Indoor Plants


When considering to add plants to your indoor space, try these wonderful examples:


Spider Plants


These plants purify air and are incredibly resilient. Even when neglected, they would still grow and thrive. However, you can be sure that with INSIDE PLANTS, your plants will always be given proper care and maintenance.


Ficus Plants


Because of their unique and striking appearance, ficus plants add a focal point to any space you put them into. In addition, they have excellent indoor air purifying qualities. 


Rubber Plant


This is a close relative of the ficus. They do well both in bright, indirect light as well as low light. This makes them an ideal office plant. 


Aside from adding interest to a space, rubber plants with their shiny, broad leaves are also known for their indoor air cleaning ability.


Boston Fern


These do well in places where there is high humidity, such as bathrooms, and soft, natural light. Like all ferns which were found to have the highest formaldehyde-removal efficiency, Boston Ferns are good at purifying indoor air. In addition, they also remove such toxic compounds as toluene and xylene from the air.

Call the Expert Redlands Indoor Plant Service Company to Get Started


If you are looking for a Redlands indoor plant service company, look no further. INSIDE PLANTS is a trusted name in the industry. We have hundreds of satisfied commercial and residential clients in and around Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. 


Call us for your questions and free estimate. Contact us at these numbers:


Corona  (951)371-4637
Palm Springs  (760)322-9909
Toll-free  (800) 376-4637

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