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Redlands Indoor Plant Maintenance

Redlands Indoor Plant Maintenance

Looking for a company that provides the best Redlands indoor plant maintenance service? INSIDE PLANTS has been in the business of indoor plant service since 1978. When it comes to plants and high quality plant care, you can be sure we know what we are talking about. 


We have hundreds of satisfied customers all across the Inland Empire from Temecula to Victorville, from Orange County to Indio. We service offices, hotels, hospitals and other commercial buildings, as well as private homes and residences. 


Why people trust us with their plants?


Guaranteed Satisfaction. “We don’t want you to get caught with your plants down”  is our catchphrase.  This is exactly what we do. We make sure that plants under our care are always healthy.  We guarantee they stay healthy or we replace them at no cost to you.  


We do as we say.  Some people just say what they do and that‘s it - empty promises.  When you hire us for indoor plant maintenance service, we honor our commitments and do exactly what we promised to do.


We’re experienced.  We have been doing this for 40 years now. You can be sure we know what we’re doing. If we were not good at what we do, we will not last this long. 


What else does this mean? We will be around for many years to guarantee your plants thrive. 


We’re experts. Not only we are experienced, but also recognized experts in the industry. In fact, other indoor plant service companies turn to our Chief Decision Maker, Ms. Heddy Schulkind Salerno, for private training. 


We continuously hone our skills. Our team is composed of experts with NALP Certified Landscape Technician-interior certifications. They are trained both in interior plant maintenance and design.


Full Range of Services. It is not often that you find all your plant needs and services in one place. You are guaranteed a consistent, good quality service.

Our services include:


  • Plants for Sale or For Rent. We have a wide variety of high quality and affordable plants for every need and budget for your home or commercial space. 


Ask about our long term plant rental programs that include plants, decorative planters, and guaranteed maintenance. This is a cost efficient way to have beautiful plants in your space without spending too much.


We also offer day rentals, special events, and staging. We can do interior landscaping for residential or model homes. Or make your event come to life with unique plant layouts.


  • Unique and Beautiful Interior Landscaping. Our talented team of certified interior landscapers carefully consider your ideas and turn these into reality to give you an indoor plantscape that is uniquely yours. 


We create a plan that will ensure sustained plant health - choosing the right plants, the best location for them and the best size appropriate for your space. We will find the right combination of plants that will meet your requirements and budget.


If you want the Wow factor, we can also create a living wall or moss walls for you. It’s the perfect solution for spaces with limited floor space for plants. 


  • Holiday Decor. We prepare your office, store, lobby or home ready and festive for the holidays, stress free. Our talented team offer holiday plant decorating services. We have a dazzling array of rentable pre-decorated trees, garlands and wreaths, as well as colorful holiday accessories to complete the look.

Replica Plants. Sometimes, living plants in your particular space may not be possible. In addition, you want less maintenance worries. For this, we offer faux or replica plants. We have a wide variety, including trees, grasses, succulents and flowering plants.

Indoor Plant Maintenance Service - Our Specialty


This is what we love to do and it shows in the quality of our work. If you are looking for the best Redlands Indoor Plant Maintenance, INSIDE PLANTS got you covered. 


Once we have installed your plantscape and ensure that plants are in optimal locations, our team of experience plant care technicians will regularly visit to service your plants. They will do everything to keep every plant as healthy as possible.


As part of our Redlands Interior Plant Maintenance, we do these and more for you:


  • Water your plants. While this may be like a straightforward task, there is actually a science to this. Some plants may require more watering than others. Or too much watering may actually result in pest infestation. 


As experts in their field, our plant care technicians possess extensive knowledge of plants to give just the right amount of watering for your plantscape.


  • Fertilize. While this is generally a good thing, sometimes too much fertilizers encourage the growth of certain plant pests.  


  • Trim and Prune. Trimming and pruning is needed so plants can grow lush and healthy while keeping your plantscape neat and beautiful looking.


  • Pot and Repot. Plants grow and outgrow the pots they are planted in. Our plant experts check each plant and change pots as needed.


  • Do Pest Control. Even under very controlled environments, pest infestation can occur. Because of the indoors conditions that has no natural predators, pests such as aphids, scale and mites can multiply rapidly. Our plant care experts regularly inspect each plant for any sign of infestation and nip things in the bud. 


We use natural insect control methods (use of commercially available beneficial insects such as ladybugs or lacelewings) or neem plant derived insecticides that are safe for people and the environment, as well. 

Dust and Shine. Dust gives the dull look in plants. We make sure that your plantscape looks always fresh and vibrant with regular dusting.

Call the Best Redlands Indoor Plant Maintenance Service


We specialize in indoor plant maintenance service and have hundreds of clients in and around Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. 


Call us today for a free estimate. If you have questions, we’re happy to answer them too. 


You can reach us at these numbers:

Corona  (951)371-4637
Palm Springs  (760)322-9909
Toll-free  (800) 376-4637

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