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Plant Service Company

Inside Plants - Experienced Plant Service Company

If it’s the out of the ordinary and beauty you seek, Inside Plants is the indoor plant service company to call.  Celebrating 40 years in the business, we have been creating extraordinary plant interiors and providing quality plant service to residential and commercial clients since we started in 1978.


While others may provide just plants or just services, we are a one stop shop.  Inside Plants has everything you need when it comes to making your interiors beautiful with plants, all at affordable prices, with 100% guarantee. As an experienced plant service company, here is what we do :


  • Creative interiorscape. Our talented and professional interiorscapers ( plant design specialists) bring the freshness of the outdoors, inside. They collaborate with you so they can come up with the perfect plant layout for your space.


  • Exceptional Plant Care Service. We have plant care specialists, and certified landscape technicians who are trained not only in interiorscape design but in plant maintenance.  You are sure that you indoor plant are provided the best care at all times. And we provide 100% guarantee on plants with our maintenance service.


  • Special Events. We take your special event to an extra special level with beautiful plant layout using a wonderful array of choices. Here are just examples of where we work our magic:


    • Staging for homes for sale or model homes - attract more prospective buyers! 

    • Parties - bring your party to life with beautiful plant accents or design

    • Weddings 

    • Corporate Events

    • Conventions

    • Booths


  • Holiday Decor. The holidays are stressful enough. Sometimes, finding time to decorate for the holidays is difficult. So whether it’s for our residential or commercial clients, Inside Plants takes the stress off by offering holiday decorating services. Choose from among our varied designs for:


    • Wreaths

    • Garlands

    • Pre-decorated trees

    • Holiday plants and flowers


  • Living Walls and Moss Walls. If you want maximum visual impact, this living wall art is the way to go.  Inside Plants specializes in the installation and maintenance of living walls. 


However, living walls go beyond the aesthetics, they help reduce noise that increase creativity and productivity of employees.  And they provide natural insulation - they can bring down temperature in a room so you reduce electricity bills, as well. 


  • Indoor  Replica or Faux Plants.  When live plants are not a viable option for certain locations in your office or commercial or residential space, we offer a wide variety of replica or faux plants to make that location special.


Ask also about our preserved plants from large trees and palms to grasses to succulents and orchid arrangement. These provide lasting and beautiful accents to your interiors. 


Just like for live plants, we also provide care through our artificial plant cleaning program.

Plant Service Company - Three Key Considerations for Design

As an experienced plant service company, Inside Plants makes sure that we do it right.  We carefully take into consideration these 3 important factors that affect what plants and planters we use for your plant interiorscape. 


  • Interior of Your Space.  Before anything else, it is important for us to know the design of your interiors. We make sure that the plants and the planters we install do not clash with your interiors. 


We also take into consideration the amount of space you have. The plants we incorporate into your plantscape should match the scale of its surroundings.


  • Amount of Natural Light.  There are plants that thrive under low office light conditions and some do not. The amount of natural light your office or commercial space gets dictates what we can incorporate into your interior plantscape.  


Perhaps for some locations, live plants are feasible. In such cases, you may want to consider faux or replica plants or we may recommend a moss wall for visual impact, without the need for sunlight or watering. 


  • Budget.  Of course, budget is an important consideration. We realize that interior landscaping is an  investment that requires constant maintenance. 

How much you have earmarked will determine what plants we can incorporate into your design. With the wide variety of choices Inside Plants has in our inventory, we are sure to have choices that will satisfy your requirements and fit your budget.

A Hot, New Trend …. Living Walls

If your office or commercial space has large open spaces or large blank walls, you might want to consider having a living or green wall installed. 


What is a living wall?  Simply put, it is a wall of plants. They are not merely a wall where plants are placed but are actually self-sufficient gardens. There is a structural system where plants are rooted and from which they also receive water and nutrients.


The visual a living wall provides is stunning and makes your space stand out.  It makes a specially great impact if a large one or several smaller ones are installed. 


While it makes a beautiful addition to any space, it is a admittedly bit tricky to install. For it to be effective and look nice, it needs to be done by experienced interior plant design specialists.  


And this is where Inside Plants certified landscape technicians shine. They work with you to make your vision come alive and create a living artwork that will never fail to impress. 


Aside from the wow factor they provide, living walls have other benefits:


Workplace productivity. Studies have consistently shown that indoor foliage, not just a green walls, help increase employee concentration, creativity and productivity.  Indoor plants also reduce noise, which aids in concentration and lowers stress.


Healthier Work Environment. LIving walls have the ability to absorb pollutants through the natural processes of plants every 24 hours. You might think that being indoors protects you from pollution. 


But indoor pollution from chemicals produced by clothing, furniture, carpets, paints may be 12 times more toxic than that found outdoors. This is because indoor air is just re-circulated air.  If you’ve heard of “sick building syndrome”, this is caused by stale air. Introducing plants such as those in a living wall contribute greatly to counteracting the effects of indoor pollution.

Sustainability. Plants and green walls provide great natural insulation. This means they can provide a cool shield from strong sunlight in the summer and protective insulation during the winter. Your building is made more energy efficient while lessening carbon footprint.

Inside Plants for the Best Plant Service Company and Plant Care


Whatever plant interior design you love, whatever types of plants you decide to install in your business or commercial space, you can trust Inside Plants to provide the best care for your plants.  Our plant care specialists will ensure that your investment remain beautiful all the time. This is our specialty and you can see how we love doing it by the quality of work we do.


Here are just a few things we do for you when you hire Inside Plants as your plant service company:

    • Watering

    • Fertilizing

    • Dusting and Polishing

    • Potting, Repotting

    • Pruning and Trimming

    • Pest Control


Call us today to get started.  There is a 100% guarantee. You can reach us at these numbers:


Corona  (951)371-4637
Palm Springs  (760)322-9909

Toll-free  (800) 376-4637


We serve clients in Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. 

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