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Plant Rental Service FAQs

Plant Rental Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The popularity of indoor plants has increased tremendously in the recent years as a result of rapid urbanization and commercialization, and the desire to live healthier lives.  


If you’re yearning for an indoor plant collection but don’t have the design or plant-care know-how, you might want to consider indoor plant rental services.  Here’s how it works.


What Is An Indoor Plant Rental Service?


This is a type of service that provides business owners and home owners an opportunity to decorate their businesses or homes with indoor plants relying on the service to help pick the right plants, install them, and keep them healthy.  


It starts with discussing your needs and vision, and decor.  Then we look at the room conditions including sunlight exposure and temperature.  Then we create the design, from a single perfect potted tree to an entire planted area, and install your plants.  


And the best part is, we then maintain them with our regular maintenance service, keeping the plants and beautiful.  . 


How long can I rent your indoor plants?


We have short-term and long-term rental programs, and we can always renew them should you decide to extend the indoor plant rental period.  


Our New Client Special is a short-term program intended for small offices. You will only need to pay a monthly rental of $98 plus tax and this already includes the plant care and maintenance. 


Can I choose the indoor plants?


Absolutely yes!  We want to give total freedom to our clients on the types of plants and look you want to achieve.  Once you have chosen the types of indoor plants and planters you desire, our team of plant technicians and  designers will work with you to come up with that perfect design. 


We consider several factors when doing this, such as the level of humidity inside the room, the amount of sunlight needed by the indoor plants, and the space allotted for the indoor plant collection.


Can I use an indoor plant rental for one day only? 


Yes.  This falls under our special events rental plan.   This can be anything from birthdays, weddings, home staging, to corporate meetings and parties. We also do holiday decor rentals just for the season, that will complement the interior of your commercial buildings, offices, retail locations, event, or home space.

What if a plant dies?


There are situations where a rental plant may wilt or die.  This can happen due to a variety of causes; for example the room isn’t conducive to its growth needs, or the room temperature has had a large fluctuation. We replace the wilted or dead plant with a new one without an additional charge. 

How long does it take to install the indoor plants?


This will depend on the size and type of plant installation; is it a group of potted plants, a large stairwell planter, a living wall installation?    In all cases, we tr to make things s quick and least disrupive as possible, working within our best timeframe.

I only have limited space.  What are my options?


Our green living walls and moss walls, the newest version of “Green Wall Art”, are the best option for limited space situations because these plant installations are vertical along a wall, rather than requiring floor space.

The Benefits of Renting Indoor Plants Through A Plant Rental Service


There is a wide range of benefits that can be derived from having indoor plants.  They don’t just beautify and add life to any room, they also bring health and happiness benefits: 


Higher Productivity

Scientific studies have discovered that lush greenery elicits a calming affect due to people’s innate affinity to nature.  Bringing nature to indoor design is called “biophilia.” In workplaces, this results in higher productivity among employees, which then improves how business processes are done. 


Air Purifier

Another benefit of having indoor plants is that they help purify the air and get rid of pollutants inside the room. Some of the pollutants cleansed by plants include the chemicals released when using household cleaning solutions, and common chemicals found in carpets and upholstered furniture.  Indoor plants also neutralize levels of humidity and carbon dioxide inside a room. 


Worthy Investment 

An indoor plant rental enables any person or business, whether a green thumb or a brown thumb, to have indoor plants.  Plant care technicians will ensure all the indoor plants thrive and look their best through regular watering, trimming, and pruning. 


You Gain A Team of Highly-Trained Plant Care Professionals


We provide excellent plant care services so you can maximize your indoor plant investment.  The Inside Plants plant-care technicians all undergo professional training and are licensed, making them experts in their craft. They don’t just take care of the plants’ overall care and maintenance, they are also talented landscape artists and interior designers making your indoor plant rental a complete package of expertise, quality design, and a customized collection. 


With a Plant Rental Service You Have More Diversified Options


Indoor plant rentals provide more varied options when it comes to indoor plant designs. You can use short-term rental option if you prefer changing themes on a regular basis. 


We can also modify your package should you decide to change it to a new one, but we will take into consideration the duration of the rental program you initially chose. 


As an expert in the industry offering indoor plant services since 1981, we value our clients’ preferences, their homes, and their businesses and we made it our mission to raise the bar higher in terms of providing an elevated customer experience. To start off, we are offering a free consultation so you can start having that indoor plant collection you desire. 


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