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Plant Arrangements

Plant Arrangement For Offices And Commercial Spaces

Nothing uplifts the mood faster than beautifully arranged plants that greet you as you enter your office or visit a hotel or commercial establishment.  Apart from being instant pick-me-uppers, eye-catching indoor plant arrangements instantly brighten and enhance any room they are displayed in.


Inside Plants is your go-to indoor plant provider that can help improve the look and feel of your workspace or commercial establishment with custom plant design and maintenance services.

Through our expertise in providing a wide range of tabletop plant designs and skilled care and maintenance of indoor plants, not only will you be able to create a beautiful space for your office or hotel lobbies and halls but also give your guests and employees the benefits of bringing nature within the places they work or relax in.

Why Consider Indoor Plant Arrangements


Small indoor plants offer a variety of benefits. Aesthetically, beautifully arranged plants on tabletops or corner nooks transform any space into a visually appealing environment that adds beauty and charm to your workplace or hotel ambience.

Health-wise, incorporating greenery in your interior landscape has been proven by studies to reduce work-related stress, while increasing work productivity.  As part of your hotel or commercial establishment landscape design, small indoor plants purify the air and make your guests feel happier and more relaxed.


Including small indoor plants as part of your interior landscaping plans is the most cost-effective way to instantly make your office, hotel, or commercial establishment a reflection of nature’s beauty and a healthy sanctuary for your guests and employees.

Small Indoor Plants For Businesses


What’s great about custom plant arrangements is that you can choose from a wide variety of indoor plants that suit your workspace or commercial establishment. Whether you want low-light or air-purifying plants, the options are endless in your search for the best small indoor plants to decorate your office, hotel, or mall.

For office spaces with low-light rooms, you can pick plants that are low maintenance and thrive in low-light conditions like spider plant, snake plant, or bamboo palm. These plants will look good whether they are displayed in a cubicle or a corner table.


If you want your hotel or commercial establishment to look colorful and more attractive, adding succulents like orchids, ZZ plant, cactus, or poinsettia is a great idea to enhance the aesthetic value of any room. On top of their visual appeal, succulents require little maintenance and improve the humidity of indoor spaces as well.


Want plants that thrive in the cold? Peace lily, cast iron plant, parlor palm, or Norfolk Island pine are the perfect indoor plants to pick during the summer, as they thrive well even under air-conditioned environments.   

Looking to reduce pollutants within the spaces you work in?  Indoor plants such as aloe, English ivy, and rubber tree plant not only look captivating but improve office air quality, too. If you prefer flowering plants to decorate your office or hotel, geranium, jasmine, and African violet are perfect blooms to consider for invigorating any space.

Work With Inside Plants For Your Custom Plant Arrangements


From choosing the indoor plant that suits your ambience to caring and maintaining the health and beauty of your plants, let Inside Plants be your partner in bringing the best custom plant arrangements to your workspace or commercial establishment.


We provide personalized and complete indoor plant service that meets your budget and requirements. Our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to become an authority in indoor landscaping and plant care services.

Hiring Inside Plants means benefiting from the following services:

Custom design for indoor plants

We start our work by taking into consideration the overall interior design of your office, hotel, or commercial establishment, including the lighting and spaces available for interior plant decoration. We assess your space thoroughly to ensure that our indoor plant design suits the environment and ambience of your space.

We also make sure to work within your budget and other requirements while working on our plantscape design. Whether you want to purchase or rent our plants and planters, know that you have a choice in ensuring that the custom plant design you want fits your exact needs.

Delivery and installation

We deliver and install your indoor plants with excellent care to ensure they are settled in perfectly in their new environment. Our work doesn’t end in installing the plants; we monitor them and make the changes necessary to ensure that they will thrive and flourish beautifully in their new space.

Monthly care and maintenance

Our plant service technicians are always on hand to provide the best care and maintenance your indoor plants need. Whether you purchase or rent our indoor plants, we make sure that they are cared for and maintained in the best way possible to grow and thrive in their new environment.

Our plant service technicians are well trained and certified in providing monthly indoor plant maintenance that includes:

o   Cleaning (dusting and polishing)

o   Watering

o   Pruning and trimming

o   Fertilizing

o   Plant replacement

o   Potting and repotting

o   Pest control


Give your office or commercial establishment the beauty it deserves by incorporating custom plant design and maintenance from Inside Plants. Call us at at 951-371-4637 for a free estimate.