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Palm Springs Interior Plant Care

Best Palm Springs Interior Plant Care

Looking for the company that offers the best Palm Springs interior plant care? Look no further than Inside Plants, a Southern California company offering expert plant service and high quality interior plant maintenance and care. 


Inside Plants has been in the business since 1978 with numerous commercial and residential clients in the Inland Empire. With 40 years experience in the business, you can be sure that with Inside Plants you are given the best customer service by our team of professional plant specialists. 


Here is why people trust us when it comes to their Palm Springs interior plant maintenance:


Recognized Industry Leader. We have been in the business since 1978. With 40 years of experience to back us up, you can be sure we know all there is about interior plant maintenance and service. We have built a solid reputation that even other interior plant service companies turn to us for training. 


Professional and Trained Staff.  Considered experts in their field, Inside Plants technicians have NALP Landscape Technician-interior certifications and are trained in interior plant maintenance and design. 


With credentials like these, you are assured that your interior plants will always be fresh and beautiful.


Wide Range of Services. It is rare that you find indoor plant needs and services in one place. At Inside Plants, we make it convenient for you by providing all of the following service:  


  • High Quality Indoor Plant Care.  For incomparable Palm Springs interior plant maintenance, Inside Plants is the company to call.  Our interior plant maintenance team makes sure that your plants maintain their health, are green and watered and fertilized just right, and are always beautifully trimmed and pruned to perfection.


We have a 100% maintenance service warranty that ensures that the plants we install and maintain remain green, strong and healthy. Any plants that do not meet standards are replaced at no charge to you.


  • Commercial and Residential Plant Services. Commercial clients turn to us for plant needs and care. We help bring freshness indoors with beautiful plant installations for corporate lobbies, offices, or warehouses. 


If it’s indoor business plants you need, we’re sure you will find the perfect fit for your space. And we ensure that your investment is protected with regular visits from our plant care experts. 


We also provide for residential needs with comprehensive full-service packages. We select and provide plants that add beauty and value to your home.


  • Living Walls and Moss Walls. Organic walls are the hottest trend in plantscaping today. If you desire that Wow factor in your space, a living plant wall or a preserved moss wall is the way to go. 


These not only add stunning visuals, they also contribute to better air quality in the work space, lessen ambient office noise and chatter, and help reduce electricity bills because of their natural insulating quality.


  • Special Events. We take your events from ordinary to extraordinary with beautiful plant layouts custom designed by our expert interiorscapers. Whether it’s for weddings, parties, conventions, or corporate functions, we have the perfect plant design solution for you. 


If you’re staging for a model home or home for sale, we make sure you make the best first impression with strategically placed plants. 


  • Holiday Decor. We get your home or commercial space ready for the holidays with our wide array of colorful, festive decor. 


If you have a theme in mind, our creative designers will work to bring your vision to life with pre-decorated trees, garlands and wreaths. We make it stress-free, too. We’ll set up your holiday decor and take it down when the holidays are over. 


  • Faux or Imitation Plants. When live plants are not feasible for your space or when you love the look of plants but like things more maintenance free, faux plants are the way to go. 


Choose from our extensive selection of artificial plants, as well as preserved trees to give your residential or commercial space color and vibrancy.


If you’re in the market for a company that provides top notch Palm Spring interior plant care and maintenance, count on Inside Plants to make your visions come to life.

Interior Plants - Things To Consider When Installing Indoors


People are spending more and more time indoors, and this has a large impact on their quality of life. Adding plants to the workplace is a great way of improving the morale of the people indoors by bringing the freshness of the outdoors inside.  


However, there are important key factors to consider to ensure that the plants you install remain beautiful and vibrant for a long time. 


Growing Conditions.  Plants are not generally meant to grow indoors. However, there are certain plants that can do well even if they are inside.


The amount of natural light a space gets will determine what plants can be placed in that location. Certain plants need plenty of natural light to grow and prosper. Others can thrive even under low office light conditions.


Other factors that dictate the plants that you may choose for your interiorscape are moisture level and temperature in your space. 


Our experts at Inside Plants take all these into consideration when choosing plants for your interiorscape. More importantly, we ensure that the plants we install in your space continue to thrive and grow with the highest quality Palm Springs interior plant care and maintenance.


Space. It is important, as well, to consider the amount of space you have to ensure that the size of plants you install are appropriate. 


For instance, if you have limited floor space, a living wall may be the ideal solution for your space. Or if you have wide, expansive spaces, you may be able to install large indoor trees to create impact and drama. It’s all a matter of scale.  


Our expert interiorscape designers ensure that plants we install fit well within the style of your space, as well as, the amount of “real estate” you have for a plantscape.

Call Us to Get Started


If you’re ready to bring the outdoors inside, call Inside Plants today to get started. Whether it be commercial or residential, we are here to make your indoor spaces healthier and more beautiful to live and work in. 


So, if you’re in need of a Palm Springs interior plant care company or are thinking of installing a plants in your space, call Inside Plants for a free estimate. We will be happy to answer all your queries.


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