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Palm Springs Interior Landscaping

Inside Plants for the Best Palm Springs Interior Landscaping

If you’re looking to bring the freshness of the outdoors indoors, Inside Plants offers the best Palm Springs interior landscaping services. We help transform your interior space into a vibrant, green haven with beautiful plants.


Why hire us?


We are experts. Inside Plants is a leader in the Palm Spring interior landscaping scene. We have been in the business of indoor plant service since 1978. 


With 40 years experience to back us up and NALP Certified Landscape Technicians-Interior on our team, you can be sure that when it comes to plants and interior plantscape design, we know what we are talking about. 


Ms. Heddy Schulkind Salerno, Inside Plants’ chief decision maker,  is a recognized expert and resource speaker, whom other interior plant service companies turn to for private training.


Excellent customer service. At Inside Plants, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our certified landscape technicians, trained in interior landscape design, as well as, interior plant maintenance, deliver top notch service. 


When you hire us as your Palm Springs interior landscaping company, you get a comprehensive and inclusive package. We collaborate closely with you to turn your vision into a vibrant reality. 


Plus, we offer a 100% maintenance warranty on all plants we install in your space. We guarantee that the plants in your interiorscape remain healthy, beautiful, and green under our care. 


We replace plants that do not pass our standards no questions asked and at no cost to you or your company. 


Full range of services. We make it convenient for you. Find all your plant needs and services in one place. Aside from the best Palm Springs interior landscaping services, Inside Plants also offers:


  • High Quality Plants. We have a wide variety of affordable and high quality plants and planters which you can rent or purchase outright.


  • Special Events Plant Layout. We make your event a standout with unique plant layouts designed specially for you. From weddings to parties to conventions, add life to any occasion with beautiful plants. 



  • Holiday Decor. Transform your space and get it ready for the holidays.  Choose from our dazzling array of rentable, pre-decorated christmas trees, swags, garlands, wreaths, and other decor. Or tell us your vision and we’ll create a design for you.



  • Living Walls and Preserved Moss Walls. Plant walls are ideal for spaces where there’s limited floor space. If you want to make maximum impact, using live plants, living walls, or preserved moss walls is the way to go. 


They not only add a focal point to any space, they are also beneficial for the workspace. They make excellent sound absorbers that reduce noise and can also filter the air of harmful toxic compounds while improving moisture level in an air conditioned environment. 


Living walls can additionally reduce energy consumption because they can keep a space cool in the summer and retain heat during the winter months. 


Beautiful indoor plantscapes bring much value to a residence or workspace. If you’re thinking of transforming your space with plants, let Inside Plants help you with your Palm Springs interior landscaping.

Palm Springs Interior Landscaping - What Inside Plants Can Do For You


As the #1 rated indoor plant design and care service in Palm Springs, we offer a comprehensive and all inclusive package. From start to finish, we work closely with you to come up with stunning interior landscaping that reflects your style. 


Here is what to expect when you hire us as your Palm Springs interior landscaping partner:


Customized Design. We sit down with you to find out your vision for your space. Whether it’s to recreate a tropical paradise in your lobby, to have a relaxing and refreshing indoor garden, or to provide a warm, welcoming foyer full of greenery for your guests, our creative team can make it a reality for you. 


We carefully consider key factors when designing your indoor plantscape:


  • Growing Conditions. To ensure that the plants we install for your space are appropriate, we look at the natural light available, humidity level, and temperature. 


We then put together a proposal that includes plants that will do well and thrive, given the growing conditions in your space. 


  • Design and Size of Your Space. We ensure that your interior landscaping enhances the look of your space and blends with it seamlessly. If your space exudes a formal and stately atmosphere, we can soften it up with plants.  


We also ensure that the plants we install are appropriate for the amount of space you have. For instance, if you have a large reception area with tall ceilings, we can consider putting in large trees to make it more cozy. 


Or if your lobby needs a bit of interest but lacks space, several small plants or moss walls can make a huge difference.


  • Your Budget. The decision to install plants in your space can be a major investment. At Inside Plants, we always take into consideration the budget you have earmarked for it.  


With our wide selection of plants and planters, we can come up with a design proposal that meets your requirements while fitting your budget. That is why we are also known to provide affordable plant design and service in the Palm Springs area.


With our plantscape proposal, we include the option to rent the plants we install for long term or an outright purchase of the plants. 


Installation. With a clear blueprint of your vision, Inside Plants works to make this into a reality. Watch us and relax as our expert landscapers do their magic. 


We do not stop at installation. We ensure that your interior landscape will always be beautiful by making sure that the plants we install adapt well to their new environment.


 If there are plants that need to be replaced, we do it at no added expense to you. 


Care and Maintenance. When our designers’ work is finished, our plant care experts take over. We ensure that your investment is taken care of. We have regular scheduled visits to check if the plants we installed and are under our care are healthy, green, and beautiful. 


Here are just some of the services we provide as your plant care company:


  • Watering your plants as needed


  • Pruning and trimming


  • Pest control


  • Fertilizing


  • Dusting and polishing


  • Potting and repotting 


Under Inside Plants’ care, we make sure that “you are never caught with your plants down”.

Call Us to Get Started


For the best Palm Springs interior landscaping, trust only in the best - Inside Plants. Call us if you’re still not sure on how to proceed. Our team of experts will be happy to answer your queries.


Call us in Palm Springs at this number: (760)322-9909


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