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Interior Landscaping

Inside Plants - Interior Landscaping Experts

What is interior landscaping?


We’ve all heard of landscaping, right?  It is when you add plants, flowers and other features to enhance the appearance of a particular space.  But people normally associate landscaping for the outdoors. 


With today’s changing lifestyle, people are finding themselves spending more and more time indoors. Thus, interaction with nature has increasingly been limited. Fortunately, people are also acknowledging the importance of bringing in nature from the outside to within the confines of the workplace. 

Hence, the rise in popularity of interior landscaping. This is where Inside Plants can help. With 40 years of experience providing quality plants and services, we specialize in designing beautiful and lush interior landscaping for residential and commercial clients. Our certified landscape technicians closely work with you to turn your vision into a “green” reality.

Advantages of Working with Inside Plants for Your Interior Landscaping

Being in the business since 1978, you can be sure that we know all there is about plants. What’s more, with Inside Plants, you need not look elsewhere for other services. We are a one stop shop. We can serve all you indoor plant needs AND offer services, too. Convenient, right?


Full customer satisfaction is our priority. When you hire Inside Plants as a your interior plant care expert, we offer all these and more for our Residential and Commercial clients:


  • Sales, Rentals and Maintenance.  Our plant design specialists will create a plant layout for you and install it. You have the option to buy the plants and planters directly or you can rent them out monthly.  Our plant care experts will ensure that your interior landscaping is kept well maintained and beautiful.


  • Special Events. Inside Plants take you special events (weddings, conventions, booths, product launches, etc)  from the ordinary to the extraordinary with beautiful plant arrangements and layout. Or if you’re having an open house for your home or a model home, we do staging with plants so it becomes more attractive to prospective buyers.

  • Living Walls. Make a statement in your office lobby with a living or plant wall. This is specially ideal for lobbies with large blank walls or spaces. And to have maximum impact, a single large one or several smaller ones take the wow factor to another level.  


  • Holiday Decor. The holidays is a hectic time and sometimes putting up holiday decors is put on the back burner. Not to worry ….. Inside Plants with our wide range of choices for holiday plants, pre decorated trees, wreaths and swags for rent takes the stress off when it comes holiday decorating. Just let us know what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

Interior Landscaping - What We  Do For You


Interior landscape enhances any business’ brand and personality. Inside Plants offers exceptional interior landscaping services that adds color and texture to your corporate space with beautiful office plants and unique decorative containers. 


When you hire us to do your interiorscape, here is what we do for you:


Customized Design. Our team of talented landscape technicians collaborate with you to create a plant layout that is unique to you alone. 


In designing your interiorscape, they take into consideration 3 key factors. These determine what kind of plants they incorporate to your particular design.


1. Interiors of your space. As experienced designers, our team ensures that the plants, planters and other features they incorporate into your plantscape highlight and enhance your interiors. 


2. Amount of Natural Light. The amount of natural light your space has dictates the type of plants that may be used for your particular design. Our plant experts have extensive knowledge of the needs of plants so you can be sure they will only use those that will thrive in under your workplace’s unique situation.  


In cases where the lighting condition of a certain location will not support any live plants, we may suggest installing preserved trees, succulents or grasses, or moss walls to add color and texture to that particular location. 


3. Budget.  This is an important consideration and Inside Plants will always be mindful of the amount you have earmarked for your interior landscaping. We have a wide array of choices for plants and planters available in our inventory. We are sure that we will always have the perfect solution for you - at the budget you have set.


Along with our proposal for your interior landscape, we include the option to either buy the plants and planters  outright or to rent these on a monthly basis.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Delivery and Installation. With a plant layout on hand, we begin transforming your space into a beautiful green oasis. We do not only install your interior landscape, we ensure that the plants are happy in their new environment. If there are things that need to be changed, we will not stop until we are sure that the plants we’ve put in will continue to thrive and grow. 


Plant Care and Maintenance. This is where our plant care specialist shine. This is what we love doing. We provide for the ongoing care for all your plants’ needs. Our team ensures that your plants are irrigated, fertilized, pruned, and cleaned so they always look vibrant, healthy and beautiful.  As part of our indoor plant service, here are just a some of the things Inside Plants do for you:


  • Watering

  • Fertilizing

  • Dusting and Polishing

  • Potting, Re-potting

  • Pruning and Trimming

  • Pest Control

Interesting Features For Your Interior Landscape

Indoor Atriums and Gardens

If your office or commercial space is blessed with a large space and ample natural light, you might want to consider an indoor atrium and garden. An atrium garden gives your space a unique focal point that maximizes the sunlight while bringing in the freshness of nature indoors. 


With an indoor atrium, you can even have a tropical oasis with certain varieties of exotic plants that might not otherwise thrive outdoors in your specific climate.


Large Planters and Unique Plants

The easiest way to create visual impact that add color and texture to an otherwise drab space is to use large, colorful planters and unique plants.


With creative use of planters, it is possible to change the mood of your office space - peaceful and zen-like, lush and tropical or neat and architectural.


Living Walls

Another way to bring color and texture to any lobby or reception area is to use a vibrant plant wall. You can even choose to have your company logo embedded as part of  your living wall.


Color Arrangements 

Because colorful plants and flowers are often unexpected indoors, they always make maximum impact when incorporated into an interior landscape. 


Color may come from plants with colorful leaves or from actual flowering plants such as bromeliads, orchids or anthuriums. 

These are just some of interesting features you may choose to add to your interior landscaping. As experts, Inside Plants will collaborate with you to come up with a plant layout designed specially for you.

Call Us to Get Started


If you’re excited of the possibilities we can do for your indoor space, call Inside Plants to get started. We are in Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.


Reach out to us at these numbers:


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