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Indoor Plant Maintenance Service

Inside Plants - Best Indoor Plant Maintenance Service

For exceptional indoor plant maintenance service, trust only in the best.  With four decades of experience behind us, you can be sure that when it comes to plants and plant care Inside Plants knows what we’re talking about.


If you re looking for high quality plants, interior plant design, and monthly plant care at a hugely affordable rate, with a 100% guarantee, then give us a call. 


At Inside Plants, we make it simple and convenient for you.  Have a design in mind? Perhaps a serene zen garden or a lush, tropical oasis?  We can turn your vision into a lush and green reality. And keep it that way, so you do not have to worry about the plants always looking great.


Our team of talented interiorscapers make your office or commercial space amazing with beautifully designed plant installations.  And to ensure that they stay amazing and beautiful, our professional plant care experts provide indoor plant maintenance service that’s hard to match in the industry.

Indoor Plant Service - This is What We Do Best

When you hire us to do your indoor landscaping and indoor plant maintenance service, here is what you get:


Your customized design. Achieving a beautiful indoor plantscape is a process. This is what we do best. We carefully take into consideration what you want for your space. Then we work our magic.


3 Key Design Elements


  1. Design to compliment the interiors of your office or commercial space.  We create a cohesive plant design that enhances and highlights the features of your office space. 


We also take into consideration the amount of space you have.  It’s all about scale. For instance, we may recommend putting up a large living wall and several large potted ferns in colorful planters to warm up a large, bare and cold reception lobby.


  1. Natural lighting.  The amount of natural light that your space gets dictate what plants we can incorporate into your plant design that will grow and flourish.  There are plants that thrive even under low office lighting while others need a little more. With our extensive knowledge of flora, Inside Plants makes sure that each plant do well  in their new environment. 

  2. Budget. We have a wide variety of choices that meet not only your plant needs but will fit your budget.  We also give you the option to own the plants and planters we install or you may rent them on a monthly basis. 


Delivery and Installation.  The next step is turning the vision into reality. We carefully monitor to see if the plants are adapting well to their new environment. If there are plants that need to be replaced with others that are better suited, we do it until we get things right. 


Indoor Plant Maintenance Service. This is where our plant care experts come in.  We provide ongoing care for your plants’ needs. More importantly, we make sure that your “green” investment is protected and kept beautiful.  Here is just a few things that our plant care experts do for our clients:


    • Pest Control

    • Pruning and Trimming

    • Potting and Repotting

    • Dusting and Polishing

    • Fertilizing

    • Watering

Benefits of Having Indoor Plants in the Workplace


With people spending more and more time at work, the majority of which are spent cooped up in the office, there is now a trend to making the workplace more “people” friendly through the use of greenery.  Below are just a few of the benefits of introducing plants to your office or commercial space:


  • Reduced Noise Levels. Plants are excellent natural sound absorbers. They can significantly reduce background office chatter and noise. With a quieter environment, employees are able to concentrate and work more productively.


  • Reduced Stress Levels. An interesting study done in 2010 by the new University of Technology in Sydney had these interesting results:


    • 58% decrease in feelings of depression or dejection

    • 44% decrease in anger and hostility

    • 38% reduction in fatigue

    • 37% drop in tension and anxiety


These were observed among workers when plants were introduced to the workplace. Having green and flowering plants has significant effect on employee morale and can promote wellbeing and performance. 


  • Increased Productivity. There was an observed 15% increase in employee productivity, even with just the introduction of a few plants around the workplace.  This is because people who see plants from their desk are psychologically engaged. And this leads to satisfaction in the workplace. People who are happy at work are found to be more productive. 


  • Healthier Work Environment.  While people may think that they are protected from pollution while indoors, this could not be farthest from reality . Indoor air, in fact, can be 12 times more likely to be polluted than outside air. This is because what we breath in an air conditioned environment is just re-circulated air.  There are pollutants indoors that are found in clothing, furnishings, paints and building materials. 


Plants, through their natural processes, have the ability to purify the air. They can remove as much 87% of toxic compounds from the air every 24 hours. How? Plants pull the contaminants into the soil and convert these to plant food. 


Another healthy benefit of plants is improved humidity levels in the office. A/C can cause dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry cough. Because plants release 97% of their water intake, having several plants in a room will definitely result in a less drying office environment. 


  • Sustainability.  Plants can contribute to a building’s energy efficiency. On hot summer months, plants can provide a shield from strong sunlight.  In the winter, they can offer protective insulation. This leads to reduced energy consumption and lessens your building’s carbon footprint.

Aesthetic Appeal. Quite simply, plants are the simplest way to add warmth, beauty and color to any drab office space.

Best Indoor Plant Maintenance Service - Call Inside Plants Today


For the best indoor plant maintenance service, Inside Plants is the company to call. We have been serving clients in Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties since 1978. 


We are a full service company serving all residential and commercial plant needs. We can do:

  • Plant rentals and design for special events - We’ll help stage your home with plants and attract many potential buyers, for example


  • Living Walls and Preserved Moss Walls - for the ultimate in wow factor


  • Holiday Decor - we’ll get your home or office in a festive mood


  • Indoor Replica or Faux Plants - if live plants are not possible or if you want a less maintenance free option to live plants


Call us today at these numbers: 

Corona  (951)371-4637

Palm Springs  (760)322-9909

Toll-free  (800) 376-4637


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