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Design and Installation

 Indoor Plant Design and Installations

INSIDE PLANTS, INC. provides interior plants for many homes from small to large, as well as hundreds of offices, medical facilities, retail spaces, warehouses, corporate lobbies and other commercial clients.  We will assist in selecting, designing and maintaining your plants for any space, to match your decor and vision.


As a result, you can expect the best in indoor plants suited to your specific needs and with our guaranteed plan maintenance, we can insure that your plants will always look beautiful!

 Bring The Freshness And Beauty Of The Outdoors Inside

INSIDE PLANTS' creative designs for both home and office use living plants to bring the freshness and beauty of the outdoors inside.  It’s not often that you can find all your indoor plant needs and services in one place, from a company with certified technicians and expert ears of experience.  From a small commercial office to a multi-million dollar home, we can help you accomplish your design needs.


Our certified landscape technicians are trained in interior plant maintenance and design. We work with you to make your vision come alive.  So, just sit back and relax and watch your space come alive.



When to comes to interior plant designing, we’ve got you covered. Depending on your specific needs, we will create a program that fits. We start by looking at the key factors.


For example, what kind of natural lighting do you get? What kind of interior design do you have?  What does your budget allow? Upon taking these key factors into account, we get started. We compile a comprehensive and custom design just for your specific interior plant needs. Your proposal will offer you the option to purchase all the suggested plants and decorative planters.


And of course, to ensure that your investment stays beautiful, we will give you the cost for the guaranteed maintenance. From multi-million-dollar office buildings to small office spaces, we can customize a design that works.