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Indoor Plant Company

Inside Plants - Indoor Plant Company

For the best indoor plant company offering high quality indoor plants and plant services, Inside Plants is the company to call.  We have been in the business of excellent plant installation and care since 1978. Focusing on customer satisfaction, we are in Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino County. 


So, whether you seek indoor plant sales or rentals, maintenance, or interior plant design, Inside Plants has got the perfect solution!


We specialize in the extraordinary and the stunning.  Looking to transform your office space into a serene, tropical paradise?  Or have you always wanted an indoor garden and atrium? Call us and we can make it happen for you.

As The Best Indoor Plant Company - Here Is What Sets Us Apart

Experience. We are an industry pioneer. We have been in this business since 1978. When you hire us as your indoor plant company, you are sure to get the best of what years of experience has taught us. 


One Stop Shop. It’s not often that you get indoor plant needs and services in one place.

First, we provide you with the widest variety and choice of plants. We help you select the right plants for your space. 


But we do not stop there. If you have an indoor plant design you wish to add to your home, office or commercial space, let us know. We’ll make it happen for you. So, whether it’s for a living plant or preserved moss wall, indoor garden or indoor trees for your lobby, Indoor Plants has it. 


Finally, we give you the best in indoor plant care. Our experts will ensure that your “green” investment is well taken care of.  Our highly trained, knowledgeable plant care specialists will ensure that your plants flourish and stay beautiful for many seasons. 


Wide Range of Services. Look what we can do for you:


  • Commercial Plants and Planters

  • Residential Plants and Planters

  • Long term Plant and Planter Rentals

  • Indoor Plant Care

  • Special Event/Day Rental

  • Living Green Walls and Moss Walls

  • Replica or Faux Plants

  • Holiday Décor

  • Planting Area Design

If you’re still looking to answer this question - “What is the best indoor plant company?”,  look no more.  Inside Plants has the perfect solution for your indoor plant needs.

What Plants Are Best For The Indoors?

With today’s lifestyle, people are spending an ever increasing time indoors. It is said that on average, a person will spend 90,000 hours of his lifetime at work, and this will most likely be in an office situation. 


The good news is there is a growing trend towards creating an environment that draws the outdoors in, through well placed greenery. Plants not only brighten any space but more importantly, make it more healthy by purifying the air.  They help create a more relaxing and restful ambiance that contribute to less stressed and more productive workers. 


Here are just some examples of plants that thrive well indoors:


Chrysanthemums or Mums

If a spot of color is what you want, mums make beautiful indoor plants with bright, colorful blooms. They are easy to care for when placed in a bright location. Most importantly, it is on NASA’S list of top air-purifying plants that remove ammonia, benzene and formaldehyde from indoor air!


Peace Lily

Here is another example of a plant with blooms. With its unique look, it lends elegance and beauty to any space. While it prefers bright, indirect light, it also thrives in medium, indirect light. 


Boston Fern

If you want something large, showy but elegant, boston ferns are perfect for the indoors. They do especially well in bathrooms or in places that are humid but have soft, natural light. 

In has been found that  “ferns had the highest formaldehyde-removal efficiency”. In addition, they also remove toluene and xylene from the air. And best of all, they are non-toxic.


Spider Plants

Another example of plants that purify air, spider plants are incredibly resilient. In fact, they seem to thrive even when neglected. Of course, as your indoor plant company, Inside Plants always makes sure that no plant is ever neglected under our care.


Ficus Plants

These make the best office plants. Because of their striking appearance, they make an attractive focal point in any space. They are also highly effective indoor air purifiers. 


Rubber Plant

With their shiny, broad leaves, rubber plants make attractive indoor plants. Like its cousin, the Ficus plant, they are known for cleaning indoor air. They do well in bright, indirect light to low light. 


Red-Edged Dracaena

This is also known as the dragon tree. With it red edge tinged leaves, it adds color and beauty to your indoor plantscape. Like the plants mentioned above, they purify indoor air of harmful airborne chemicals that include formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and xylene. You might wonder where these come from. These emanate from a variety of household goods such as carpeting and even furniture.  


Snake Plants

These are also known as mother-in-laws tongue. Their upright, strap like leaves add a unique touch to an office decor. They make ideal indoor plants because they can tolerate low water conditions and do well even under low light environments. Again, snake plants make it to NASA’S list of plants that clean and filter indoor air. 


Golden Pothos

These are low maintenance plants that do well under low light conditions. They are also air-purifying plants.


Bamboo Palm

If you desire to add a tropical feel to your office or commercial space, a bamboo palm is a great option to add to your indoor plantscape. Bamboo palms are especially helpful in reducing airborne formaldehyde which is released by new furniture. 


Aloe Vera

These succulent plants prefer bright, indirect light. Aloe Vera are found to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night, making it good for enclosed offices. As added bonus, the gel-like sap in the leaves helps heal cuts and burns.


Areca Palm

If it’s a tropical sanctuary you wish to create, the areca palm is an great choice. It looks elegant, stately and appropriately exotic. It is also listed on NASA’S list of air-purifying plants. They effectively remove benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air. In addition, it adds humidity to indoor air, which is helpful for those areas with A/C. Because they rarely suffer from diseases and pests, they are fairly simple to care for.


There are a lot more varieties of greenery and foliage that Inside Plants can recommend for your office or commercial space.  Our plant experts will recommend the ones well suited for your particular situation.


In designing your plantscape, we take into consideration 3 Key Factors:

  • The Interiors of Your Office. We make sure that the plants we install complement, not clash with the interior decor of your office

  • Natural Lighting. We install plants that thrive well even under low lighting conditions to ensure that they stay fresh and beautiful  with minimal light. 

  • Budget. We will always be mindful of the budget that you allot for your plantscaping.

Call Us to Get Started

Making a “green” change to your home or office space? Call us to help you get started. 

Inside Plants provides the best indoor plants and services to make your vision into a reality.


Call us at  (951)371-4637 or (760)322-9909 to get started.

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