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Indoor Plant Care

Inside Plants - Indoor Plant Care Experts

For the best indoor plant care, put your trust in the expert hands of Inside Plants.  We are an indoor plant service company for both residential and commercial clients, offering both design and monthly maintenance services.  


With 40 years experience in the business, you can be sure when it comes to indoor plant care, we know what we are talking about.  Other companies, in fact, turn to us to train them on how to do it.


Our indoor plant care experts give meticulous attention that ensure your plants maintain their health, and are always fresh and lush all year round.  Here are just some of the things we provide with our indoor plant care service:


  • Watering.  We carefully monitor the water needs of your indoor plants. When we come for service, we check the moisture level in the soil and ensure that each plant is given just the right amount of watering. 


  • Fertilizing. Plant food is important to ensure sustained growth. 


  • Potting and Repotting. Our plant care experts constantly monitor plant growth. When plants outgrow the pots that contain them, we re-pot to ensure they continue to grow and flourish.


  • Pruning and Trimming. Plants need pruning and trimming to ensure that they always look neat and well taken care of. 


  • Dusting and Polishing


  • Pest Control


When you hire us to care for your plants, we guarantee full satisfaction and offer a 100% warranty with our monthly indoor plant care service.  We replace any plant that does not flourish under our care AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. 


What sets us apart?


Everything in One Place.  From indoor plant needs to various services such as indoor plant care, holiday decorating, special events and interior plantscape design, Inside Plants has got you covered.  No need to look elsewhere. Here are just some of the things we can make happen for you:


  • Holiday Decorating.  Our talented designers work with you to give you the right amount of festive flair to your holidayscape. We have pre decorated trees, wreaths, garlands, and all the things you need to add color to your office or work space. We take the stress off when it comes to holiday decorating.


  • Special Events. Whether it’s for a wedding, a conference or convention, open house or exhibit, we take them from the ordinary to the extraordinary with beautiful plant layout designed just for you.


  • Living Walls. Create a great first impression by installing a living wall in your lobby or reception area. Living walls add color and texture while contributing to making air quality better in your space.


  • Interiorscape Design. These days, people are spending an increasing amount of time indoors. We help make your space better by custom designing an interior plantscape that brings the outdoors inside.    


After careful consultation with you, our talented interior plantscape designers take your ideas and turn your space into a beautiful, green paradise. 


As experts in our field, we take into consideration important key elements to determine what plants are appropriate for your space:


  • Architecture of your building

  • Amount of natural light, moisture and temperature

  • Your budget 


  •  Indoor plant sales or rentals. When you decide to install a plantscape, we give a large variety of choices of plants and planters  to incorporate into your space. We’re sure you’ll find the indoor plants that suit your style, your needs and your budget. 


Plus, we give you the choice of buying the plants outright or avail of our plant rental scheme. 


Excellent Customer Service. With Inside Plants, your satisfaction is our top priority.  You are assured that our indoor plant care experts always provide the highest quality maintenance and care service.  

And best of all, we walk the talk - we do what we say we’ll do because honesty and integrity is at the core of our company values. Your complete trust is important for us and we exert all effort to maintain that.

Indoor Plant Care - Unique Indoor Plants


The plants in this list are bold and pretty. They are sure to bring exceptional color and excitement to transform your space from bland to stunning. 


  1. Croton.  This plant looks stunning with its dramatic mix of amber, orange and yellow linear markings on thick dark leaves. Best of all, it is low maintenance, too making it a perfect indoor plant. They grow under bright but indirect light and must only be watered sporadically.

  2. Silver Vase Plant. This belongs to the bromeliad family. Its unusual shape and silver coloring makes a beautiful indoor plants. It can thrive under bright indirect light. Watering should be monitored carefully. Our plant care experts at Inside Plants ensure that your indoor plants are watered just right and placed in locations that guarantee optimum growth. 

  3. Aluminium Plant. This plant has beautiful silver strips that look like aluminum over glossy green color leaves. It is a perfect indoor plant because it is low maintenance. It is best kept in a cool, shady spot that receives a few hours of indirect light. It is watered only when the soil becomes dry.

  4. Prayer Plant. This plant has beautifully patterned oblong leaves and is sure to add lots of color and texture to your indoor plantscape. It has relatively low care requirements. It needs bright light and moderate watering. When used as an indoor plant, it prefers warm room temperature. It derives its name from the fact that it folds up its leaves at night or when placed in a dark place.

  5. Bird’s Nest Fern. Add tropical flair to your space with this fern native to Southeast Asia. For optimum growth, these need warmth and humidity. They grow best under bright indirect light and temperature of around 70F.  

  6. Ti Plant. If you want to add color and drama to your space, the Ti Plant is a perfect addition to your plantscape. It has purple leaves with streaks of hot pink. While it does need a lot of light, it is drought tolerant. 

  7. Ponytail Palm. This is actually a succulent. It can become an interesting focal point in any space because of its interesting and unique looks. It makes a perfect indoor plant because it is very low maintenance - it has low watering needs and grows slowly. It needs repotting less frequently than other plants. 

  8. Monstera Deliciosa.  This is also known as the Split Leaf Philodendron because of the unique cuts on its broad, oversized dark green colored leaves. It looks dramatic especially when planted in a unique planter and set against a brightly painted wall. 

  9. Streptocarpus. It is also known as the Cape Primrose and is a relative to African Violets. Because their dramatic coloring and eye catching floral clusters, they are perfect indoor plants for those spaces that need a dash of color. 

  10. Peace Lily. This plant with dark green foliage and spoon shaped white spathe with a spike is an attractive and low maintenance indoor plant. It also has the ability to clean the air of pollutants and impurities. They survive best in shady environment. 

These are just a few of the plants you can choose to incorporate into your residential, or commercial space. Inside Plants has a wide variety of indoor plants and planters for sale or for rent. You’re sure to find ones that suit your taste, meet your requirements and  budget.

Call Us for the Best Indoor Plant Care


If you are looking for a company offering experienced indoor plant care, call Inside Plants. With us, you can only expect only the best because we have been doing this for a long time. We have clients in Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.  If you’re interested in turning your space with beautiful and lush landscaping, call us today.


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