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Hotel Plant Impact

Why Guests Prefer Hotels With Plants

Whether staying for business or pleasure, guests love a great hotel experience that allows them to bask in the ambiance of peace and relaxation.  Hoteliers continue to capitalize on this by adding more indoor plants within the hotel, which can quickly transport hotel guests to a zen state of mind.

This hotel trend is known as biophilic design, which allows hoteliers to take advantage of the innate connection of people with nature.  By incorporating a biophilic design, hotels tap into the power of plants to create an emotional connection with guests.

More than creating an emotional connection, live plants as part of a hotel’s biophilic design offer numerous benefits to guests.  Indeed, nothing says a good R&R than a hotel that brings you back to Mother Nature’s good graces. 

After a tiring business meeting or conference or an exciting yet exhausting day at a scenic spot, most guests find the lush greenery offered by hotels to be a good sanctuary to recharge and unwind.

No wonder most guests prefer to stay in hotels that let them soak in the calm and beauty offered by nature.  Even without business or vacation in mind, most guests these days are visiting hotels that offer a good combination of indoor and outdoor greenery for staycations, just so they can rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Ever wonder why plants in hotels have such a positive effect on guests?  Read on and discover how indoor plants in hotels can quickly give you and your guests the peace and quiet – and a lot more benefits – you so need in your life. 

1. Indoor plants in a hotel setting offer health benefits

Hotel guests feel alive and healthier when surrounded by lush greenery simply because indoor plants can help reduce stress and enhance mental health. This is due to the fact that plants improve air quality circulating within the walls of the hotel.

Indoor plants provide cleaner air by eliminating carbon dioxide and any other impurities while increasing oxygen levels, allowing hotel guests to breathe easier. This is why when you’re surrounded by plants while sitting in a hotel lobby, you feel more relaxed and comfortable as you take in cleaner air.

Apart from purifying the air, live plants inside hotels also improve humidity levels.  This is the reason why you feel cool even when cramped inside a hotel, as there are indoor plants giving off fresh air everywhere.

On top of these health benefits, indoor plants help reduce background noise. Hotel guests thus feel calmer and more at peace even when there is music playing in the background or there are people chatting everywhere, as live plants help set the volume of such noise to a minimum to provide a tranquil ambiance.  

2. Live plants in hotels instantly boost your mood

Hotel guests easily feel more revitalized once they step inside a hotel surrounded by indoor plants.  Live plants make this possible by setting a mood that is calm and stress-free.

So, even when you feel tired after all that traveling, you easily get an instant boost when you see a vertical living wall inside the hotel lobby or when you are just resting inside your room.  Indoor plants lift your mood in an instant and make you feel calmer, positive, and more excited to start your day.

3. Hotel lobby plants let you think more clearly

Business travelers will find that being surrounded by indoor plants in their hotel allows them to think more clearly and come up with better ideas that they can contribute during client meetings.  Live plants make this possible by helping guests sharpen their mental focus.

By promoting cleaner air that lets you breathe much easier, indoor plants in hotels make your mind feel more at ease. When your mind feels rested, you can generate better ideas should you find yourself in an intense brainstorming session with your colleagues or clients. 

In addition, live plants in hotels help guests improve their memory retention and productivity levels.  This means you can actually take in a lot of what has been discussed during a business conference, which, in turn, can help you apply what you learned in order to do better at work.

4. Indoor plants make hotel guests feel more welcome

Hotels are known as guests’ home away from home, and with good reason. Thanks to indoor plants, hotels easily evoke a feeling of warmth, like you’ve never left your home at all.

A study conducted in England disclosed that indoor plants have a highly positive impact on human perception, as they perceive live plants to improve hotel spaces. This means hotel guests equate interior spaces with real plants to feelings of relaxation and warmth.

This is the reason why you feel easily welcomed when you arrive at a hotel. Interior plants surrounding it make the whole place feel more homey and comfortable.


5. Live plants in hotels let guests appreciate the beauty of nature more

Integrating plants as part of a hotel’s interior design not only increases the aesthetic appeal of the hotel but also allows guests to be grateful for what nature has to offer.

In a world where there are more buildings than green spaces, being nestled inside a hotel where indoor plants abound is a breath of fresh air. Living walls, for example, can add softness and texture to any hard surfaces, allowing guests to feel warmth even when inside a concrete building.

Being surrounded by real plants inside a hotel also makes guests feel one with nature. They find beauty in the dynamic and energetic feeling offered by live plants once they see how these can improve lighting within the hotel – like they’re not inside a hotel at all but within nature’s breathtaking magnificence.  


Call Inside Plants to Learn More About How to Create a Powerful Impact on Guests

Incorporating a biophilic design that capitalizes on indoor plants is definitely the way to go for hoteliers who want their guests to keep coming back. By marketing themselves as eco-friendly, hotels make themselves stand out and create a distinct brand that sets them apart from their competitors.  

If you’re a hotelier, it is high time you invest in vertical gardens, living walls, and stunning live plants to adorn every corner of your hotel. It is important, though, that you invest in well-maintained indoor plants to ensure that your hotel continues to be the environment-friendly home away from home for guests.


Make sure you partner with a professional indoor plant design and care service provider like Inside Plants in order to take advantage of years of expertise and experience in providing high-quality indoor plants as well as unparalleled indoor plant maintenance service.

Having a professional take care of your hotel’s indoor plant needs is a must to ensure the live plants of your hotel continue to be healthy and properly cared for.  With well-maintained live plants, you can rest assured that your hotel guests continue to reap the benefits of indoor plants while making your hotel look more beautiful and welcoming.

Explore all the ways you can elevate the look of your hotel through indoor plants by calling Inside Plants today at (951) 371-4637. You can also visit our website at for more information.

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