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Holiday Decorating For Malls

Holiday Decorating For Malls

Holiday Decorating For Malls is a big attraction to shoppers.  Nothing puts shoppers in a holiday mood more quickly than being in a mall seeing the beautiful holiday decorations, smelling the holiday tree smells, hearing the music and feeling the good cheer of the other shoppers (well, most of them). 


Online shopping is increasingly becoming a preferred option for many shoppers. With this growing trend, malls have taken a big hit in terms of the number of people wanting to visit.


The good news is the holiday season is an exception.  People still enjoy going to the malls to do their holiday shopping.  Halloween is almost here and it is only a skip and a jump before Christmas.

With just a short holiday shopping period, it is important to up your holiday marketing plan to attract the maximum number of customers to your retail store or mall. 


The most effective way to do this is to engage your customers’ senses through sights, sounds and smells. Festive holiday music or seasonal scents like pine or cinnamon contribute to attracting foot traffic.  


However, all these will not be complete without the visual impact of beautiful holiday decor. Holiday decor enchants shoppers and draws them in - making them want to experience the feeling of the season, not just witness it from afar.  Simply put, dazzling holiday decorations put shoppers in the holiday mood. And this is good for business.


Deck the Halls

How do you create the most impact to attract shoppers? 


The key is to create a different and unique shopping environment.  Afterall, why will you come in to a store that looked the same as it did last August?  It is all about creating positive energy and unmistakable excitement when people see your colorful holiday display. 


As an expert in holiday decorating, Inside Plants suggests that you go early, have a unique theme, create magic and wonder, go big and really go to town to take advantage of what this holiday season could bring.


Go Early. It is a short holiday shopping season. Get a headstart and put up holiday decorations early. It gets people into the spirit of the season (and hopefully, into the shopping mood!)   


But how early is early? 


It is a bit of a juggling act. While you want to do it early enough, you’d still want to decorate one holiday at a time. 


An interesting poll was conducted a few years back by a polling research company called CivicScience. This was what they found out - 80% of the people asked if they want decorations to be done “one holiday at a time”, said “yes, otherwise it’s too soon” and only 6% said “no, I like seeing decorations early”.


The key is to pique your shoppers’ interest early enough but not make it seem like you are forcing the holiday cheer.

Have a Unique Theme.  You will make the most impact by having holiday decor that people remember and talk about.  A unique theme sets you apart while at the same time keeping everything tied up together nicely. 


Sometimes, when it comes to holiday decorating, you may not want to go the “less is more” route (unless you decide to go very minimalist). However, even if you decide on something a bit showy or flamboyant, a theme will keep your decoration cohesive and beautiful.


When thinking theme, it can be something as simple as a color scheme.  Or a “character” or object that is repeated throughout, be it angels, reindeer, snowmen, or even butterflies or birds. Do don’t let the word “theme” scare you, just have fun and be creative.  If you get stuck, we can help.


Appeal to Your Shoppers’ Sense of Wonder and Magic. Whether you go minimalist, shabby chic, winter wonderland, homey or sophisticated, you will never fail to attract people to your retail establishment or mall if you create a sense of wonder and magic, and appeal to the emotions of your shoppers.


Our team of experts at Inside Plants are passionate about designing the best holiday decor that is uniquely yours while creating something magical for your shoppers. 


We do this by:

  • Drawing inspiration from your vision and brand

  • Considering what piques the interest of your target market

  • Making sure that the installation we do for you is suited to the architecture of your commercial space

Go Big and Go to Town. Once you have committed to a theme, you just have to go for it.  Going timid or half hearted will only result in something that looks forced and uninspired. 


Your holiday decorating budget need not be astronomical. You just need decor that enchants shoppers to come in and share in the excitement of the holidays. 


What are the elements that contribute to this?


Lights. A sure way to add magic and enchantment is by installing festive miniature white (or other color) lights. They catch shoppers interest and set you apart. When it comes to fairy lights, more is definitely better.


Colors of the Season. Nothing gets people into the holiday mood better than seeing the colors that best represent the season.  You can incorporate these in Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands that you can put all around your space. 


Once again though, you can be creative: as an example, a pink adorned wreath might even attract more attention than a traditional red and green one.

Inside Plants is expert in holiday decor.  We offer holiday decorating services. We custom design rentable pre-decorated trees, wreaths and garlands to your theme and install them to get your commercial space ready for the holidays. 


How easy it is!  Call us to discuss your needs and imagined vision, or pick our brains.  We bring it all to you, do it for you, and then take it away after the holidays.  


If you are interested in holiday plant decorating, we can do that for you, too!  Here are some of the most popular plants that are best for the season:


  • Poinsettia.  This is the ultimate Christmas plant. And it is available in 50 shades, not just “standard” red!  Poinsettias are finicky, short-lived plants but our plant care experts at Inside Plants make sure that they add cheer and remain beautiful all throughout the holiday season.


  • Anthurium.  While not thought of as frequently as the poinsettia when thinking of holiday plants, anthurium flowers also make lovely holidays plants. The flower consists of a shiny heart shaped petal that surrounds a slender fleshy spike. They come in red, maroon, rose, salmon and white shade. 


  • Amaryllis. This fast growing perennial bulb plant comes in white, red, pink and other new variations.  Flowers last for 3 weeks at a time and are perfect as holiday plants.


  • Christmas cactus. This is a tropical plant native to Brazil and can have white, pink, red, cream or yellow flowers. They bloom in fall but when grown indoors, they bloom around the holidays - Christmas, Thanksgiving and even Easter. If you want to see blooms all throughout the season, these are perfect because flowers can last two to four months.


Festive Holiday Decor By Inside Plants

Stand out from the rest with holiday decor that is uniquely yours. Let our talented floral and holiday designers at Inside Plants craft a custom holiday interiorscape for your commercial or retail space.  


We closely collaborate with you so you get a holidayscape that not only meets your requirements, but also fits your budget, and most importantly is beautiful.  You can choose to create your own holiday treatments and accessories. Or you can choose to be totally stress free by choosing from our in-stock variety of beautiful holiday decor.


Remember, we can bring it in, set it up, and can then take it away - one less stress for you during the holidays - and a great way to attract holiday shoppers.  Our clients tell stories of shoppers bringing people to their mall and stores just to see the decor.  


Call us today to get started. You can reach us at these numbers:

Corona  (951)371-4637
Palm Springs  (760)322-9909
Toll-free  (800) 376-4637


And, if you are looking for decorations for a holiday party, we do that too.


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