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Decorative Plant Service

Expert Decorative Plant Service by Inside Plants

When it comes to the best decorative plant service, Inside Plants is the company to trust. We are the experts, hired by other companies to train them on how to do it.  We offer beautiful design service to fit your vision, recommending the best plants to fit your needs.


We promise 100% satisfaction and offer a 100% warranty with our monthly plant care maintenance.   We offer free consults 


Why do people love us?


We Focus on Service. From initial consultation to ongoing plant care and maintenance, our expert plant technicians ensure that you get the best customer experience. 

Creative and Unique. Whether it’s for an office reception area, a hospital lobby or the foyer of your home, we provide you creative solutions that you’ll love. When you trust Inside Plants with your interior plantscape, you can be sure it will be elegant, beautiful, expressive and always timeless.

Highest Quality Maintenance and Care Service. You can tell that we love what we do by the quality of maintenance and decorative plant care service we provide. Our plant care experts make sure that your plants stay strong and healthy. 


We provide a 100% maintenance service warranty. We replace any plant that does not flourish under our care AT NO COST TO YOU. 


Honesty and Integrity: Our Core Value.  With Inside Plants, you are always assured of honest and straightforward service. We do what we say we’ll do and honor our promises and commitments.


All Your Indoor Plant Needs in Services in One Place. We make it so convenient for you. Here are just a few of the things we can do for you:


  • Custom Indoor Plant Design. If you have an idea in mind, our certified landscape technicians can turn it into reality. 


As expert interior landscape designers, our team takes into consideration key factors:

1. The design of your space. We make sure that the plants and other design elements we put compliment, not clash with the design of your place. 


We also take into consideration how much space you have. We choose the right plant size for your space. For instance, we may put in large indoor trees to warm up a big, empty reception lobby. 


2. Amount of natural light, humidity and temperature. Some plants do well under low office lights while others require more natural light, some need plenty of humidity and some thrive even under  low, a/c controlled temperature. With our expertise in plants, we choose the ones that would best suit the growing conditions in your residence or commercial space.


3. Your Budget.  A interior plantscape is an investment. However, when we design a plantscape for you, we carefully consider your budget.  We offer a large variety and you can be sure there is a solution that will meet your needs and fit your budget. 


We even offer you the option to buy the plants we install in your space or rent them, whichever works for you.

  • Living Walls. Create stunning visuals by installing a living wall in your space.


  • Special Events. Let us make your special event even more special through beautiful plants and foliage. 

    • Weddings

    • Parties

    • Corporate functions

    • Conventions

    • Staging for homes for sale or model homes


  • Holiday Decor. Get into the spirit of the season without the stress and the hassle. We have for rent pre decorated trees, wreaths and garlands that can take your space from ho-hum to ho!ho!ho!  


  • Faux or Replica Plants. If live plants are not possible, you can still enjoy the beauty of foliage and greenery with less maintenance. 

If you are looking for an experienced decorative plant service company, Inside Plants can help you transform your space into a beautiful and serene paradise.

What We Can Do For You


As a top decorative plant service company, expect only the best from Inside Plants. We will add color and interest to any space through creative layout of plants and foliage. Here is what to expect when you call Inside Plants to do your interior plantscape:


Customized Design.  When you work with us, it’s always a collaboration. You can be sure that the interiorscape we do for you is unique and personalized to your space and your style. 

We take into consideration all key factors mentioned above to come out with custom design best suited for your space. 


Our comprehensive proposal includes the cost of maintenance to ensure that your plantscape stays beautiful. Plus, we give you the option to purchase or rent the plants and planters we install.


Delivery and Installation. Once we have agreed on the design, watch us transform your ordinary space into something amazing and extraordinary.  And we just don’t install, we carefully monitor the plants we’ve put in your space to ensure that they are adapting well to their new environment. If there are things that need to be changed, we will do it AT NO COST TO YOU. 


Care and Maintenance. When you make a decision to purchase or rent plants and planters, it’s certainly a big investment. Inside Plants make sure that we take care of your investment. 


Our highly trained, knowledgeable plant care specialists love what they do. So, you are assured of the highest quality maintenance and care service. 


Here are just a few things we do to make sure your plants maintain their health:

  • Watering. Plants have different water requirements.  We make sure that each type of plant is given just the right amount of watering. 

  • Fertilizing. 

  • Dusting and Polishing. We keep them looking lush and vibrant.

  • Potting and Re-potting

  • Pruning and Trimming

  • Pest Control

Benefits of Plants Indoors


Health Benefits

Numerous studies have already shown that installing plants in your workplace have many health benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Better Air Quality.  Did you know that indoor air can be 12 times more polluted than outdoor air? This is because in an air conditioned environment, air is just re-circulated and may contain compounds that can affect people’s health. These pollutants are produced by furniture, clothing, carpets, paints and building materials. Through plants’ natural processes, these contaminants are drawn into the soil and converted into plant food.


Staying for prolonged periods in air conditioned rooms can cause dry skin, coughs and sore throat. Plants help avoid this by maintaining humidity in the room. This is because they release 97% of their water intake into the air. 


  • Reduce Stress. It is said that the addition of green and flowering plants contribute largely to lifting employee spirits and promote wellbeing and performance. People feel less stressed just by having green living things around them.  


They also are great sound absorbers. They reduce the effects of distracting office sounds and chatter that can trigger stress in most people. 


Sustainability.  Plants can make a building more energy efficient because they are great natural insulators. Thus, they can keep a building cooler in the hot summer months while providing insulation during the cooler months. You reduce your building’s energy consumption and lessen its carbon footprint.


Aesthetics. Plants and colorful planters are the fastest way to add beauty, color and texture to any space. 


Beautifully planned interiorscape can warm up a stark and cold lobby and create welcoming and lasting impression on visitors. If there are dark spots in your building, plants do much in bringing life to these spaces.

Call Us - The Best Decorative Plant Service -  to Get Started


Inside Plants is a premier decorative plant service company serving Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. 


We are a one stop shop offering interiorscape design and installation, as well as, excellent maintenance and care service.


If you’re interested in making your space more beautiful, call us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Reach out to us at these numbers:

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