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Corona Interior Plant Service

Corona Interior Plant Service

Since 1978, INSIDE PLANTS has been the premier Corona interior plant service company in California.  As an interior landscaping company, we can help you with your indoor decorating needs for your residential or commercial property’s interiors. 


Our indoor landscaping services feature beautiful live plants and planters.


Here is a list of reasons to come to us for your home or office decorative indoor plants display needs:


1. Affordable and comprehensive interior plant care services. We are a full-service indoor plant company that offers affordable and value-added interior “plantscaping” and plant care services. 


You can count on our team of talented interior designers and brilliant indoor plant care specialists to design, install, and maintain (and even take down) amazing indoor plant installations for your home or office.


2. Highly trained and knowledgeable interior landscaping designers and specialists. Our interior landscaping specialists are experts in the field of interior plantscaping and plant care. They have NALP Certified Landscape Technician-interior certifications. 


INSIDE PLANTS has also been a key resource in educating people about the importance of indoor plants. Our Chief Decision Maker and owner, Heddy Schulkind, was the education chairperson for the Plantscape Industry Alliance for four terms and one of the Trainers for Green Plants for Green Buildings in the “Authentically Green” program. 


These and more are a living testament to INSIDE PLANTS’ expertise in the field of indoor landscaping and plant care services.

3. A wide range of plant related services offered. INSIDE PLANTS provides a variety of services when it comes to your indoor landscaping and office plants needs.

Plant Services offered by INSIDE PLANTS


  • Indoor plant care - We will provide the continuous care and maintenance of your indoor plant installations including watering, dusting, potting (or repotting), trimming, pruning, replacement, and pest control.


  • Special events and day rentals - Whether you are celebrating a wedding, hosting a get-together, throwing a party, or conducting a conference, INSIDE PLANTS can make your special events even more special with our interior landscaping services and day rentals. 


We work with realtors too to brighten up model houses and houses for sale with live or artificial plants and planters.


  • Indoor replica or faux plants - If you do not want live plants, we also offer a wide selection of artificial plants and preserved trees that you can choose from instead to give your residential or commercial space some character.


  • Commercial indoor plant services - Commercial clients can purchase or rent our indoor plants, planters, and interior plant displays that suit their specific needs for their corporate lobbies, halls, office spaces, or warehouses. 


Regular visits from our plant care professionals and ongoing plant care/maintenance are guaranteed.


  • Residential indoor plant services - For many years now, our company has been providing indoor plants and plant care services to numerous homes in Southern California.


  • Living walls and moss walls - If you do not have floor space in your residential or commercial property, then INSIDE PLANTS can bring to life your boring blank walls instead with a prefab or custom-designed living “green” wall art or preserved moss wall installations.


  • Holiday Decor - INSIDE PLANTS will manage every aspect of your office indoor holiday display as part of our holiday decorating services. We will do it all for you.


From designing your holiday theme to choosing your decorations like pre-decorated Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, live plants and planters, and other accessories; from installing the decorations to taking them down (even maintaining the live plants that are part of the installation).


Whether you are buying or renting, we at INSIDE PLANTS always provide the best quality live or artificial plants and planters for your home or office interior display. 


We also make it our job to make sure that the plants you purchase or rent from us are carefully monitored and tended to courtesy of our highly trained and knowledgeable plant care professionals.

The Benefits of Having Indoor Plants


Aside from helping brighten up a living or commercial space, studies have also shown that having live plants in your home or office offers excellent benefits, financially and in terms of health, that most people fail to realize. Here is a list of benefits of having indoor plants in your home or office space:


  1. Increase in productivity.

  2. Improved air quality.

  3. Gives a positive image.


You may not know it, but having live plants in your home or office has its rewards. Our talented indoor landscape technicians and capable plant care specialists at INSIDE PLANTS can help your office or home go green with plants!

For Corona Interior Plant Service- Get in touch with us now!


We provide affordable and quality office plants to both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you will purchase or rent the indoor plants, planters, or the whole plant display from us, we guarantee nothing less than the best grade of service and customer service.


Call us now at 951-371-4637 for your free quote!


Our quote will include the plants recommended and our guaranteed maintenance and excellent customer service from our highly trained, and knowledgeable plant care specialists.


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