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Colorful Office Plants

Top Picks: Colorful Office Plants

It is awe-inspiring what a difference it can make when colorful indoor plants are added to an office space.  There are plenty of benefits that plants have in an office apart from being strikingly pleasant – be it in a personal office space or in a large corporate building.   


They improve the air quality, lower stress levels, reduce noise levels, improve productivity, and with the right design, make people happier.

A planting area, intentionally designed, has a striking potential to motivate a performance, compel an action, influence a behavior, or ignite an emotion—all leading to a desired outcome or result.  Wow! No wonder more and more offices and commercial spaces install live plants and planter areas.


Colorful indoor plants therefore, go far beyond simple aesthetics.  


There are many varieties of plants that make good indoor and office plants.  And don’t worry, if the types you like prefer brighter light, we can help with that.  Here are some indoor colorful plants that are our favorites:

Colorful Office Plants - Flowering Plants

Flowering plants, seasonally changing blooming petals, and in effect, open flames of color,  invigorate a space. These selections below are some of the most beautiful indoor flowering plants available.  As a bonus, these are super-easy to grow or have air-purifying qualities perfect for your office space.


Geranium.  Commonly known as the Cranesbill, Geranium is one of the most classic and easily recognizable flowering plants around.  You’ll love the splashy, bright look of geraniums indoors. 


There are varieties like the ivy geraniums that are easy to grow and have blooms in reverberant colors, including bright red, hot pink, lighter pinks, and white as the most common. These colorful indoor plants prefer bright light. The better the light, the more they’ll flower. Tip: Given that geraniums thrive when the soil dries out, avoid overwatering.


Phalaenopsis Orchid. Better-known as the Moth Orchid, Phal is the most popular orchid since it is easy to produce, comes in many different colorful varieties,  and is available year-round. It is easily grown indoors and stays blooming for a long time.  


With its long sprays of large flowers, this classic orchid is famed for its elegance, sophisticated look on coffee or side tables, conference room tables—or anywhere!   The most common color seen is white, but equally available colors include purples, from light shades to dark, yellows, and combinations of all three.


Jasmine. The Jasminum (Jasmine) is a very popular flower around the world because of its incomparable scent. These beautiful indoor plants are vining, so you can groom them into a beautiful artistic creation indoors.   The blooms are white. Your office bathroom could be just right for these fragrant flowers since they favor bright, filtered light and a bit of humidity.


Amaryllis Hippeastrum.  Now let’s talk about a cheery pop of color!   Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) is a fun bulb to grow indoors particularly in winter. Such fast growers, they will get anyone excited about plants. Common different types of  Amaryllis include single & double flowers, Christmas blooming (shorter) and classic Dutch that bloom in January. 


Colors range from yellow to orange to reds, to pink, and white.  Some refer to Amaryllis Hippeastrum as the goddess of all flowers, a trumpet-shaped flower, touched with green at the throat. This goddess has a relatively compact size for effortless placement around the office.  It does well in bright, indirect light. We use them often in planting groups.


Cape Primroses, also known as Streptocarpus or Streps, has held a high position as one of the best flowering indoor plants for many years now. The lovely flowers on this plant come in an array of colors.  Versions of this flowering plant come in purple, red, white and more. Cape primrose does well in normal to cold room settings.

African Violet. These flowering indoor plants are a snap to take care of.  African Violets bloom with pretty flowers all year round. They come in varieties of colors and selections, from white to pale pink, to dark purple, and even blue hues.  You will have the most triumph with indirect or filtered light. Tip: Lay off the overwatering!

Leafy Colorful Plants

Sometimes bare green just won't do.  Foliage indoor plants set the tone in any space, from ruffled fronds to big, bold, dazzling colored leaves.  The beautiful leafy plants described here will help you pick the best ones for your office space.


African Mask Plant. You will like how this leafy plant brings a touch of the tropics to your indoor office space, especially in the winter season.  The plant boasts big leaves, shaped like arrows, boldly patterned in silver. Those big leaves offer a fun splash of character to indoor spaces. Also called the Elephant's Ears, they grow best in humid areas.


Purple Passion Plant. This colorful indoor plant gives prominence to its dark green leaves covered in soft, purple hairs, making its foliage look (and feel) like purple velvet.  Purple passion plant is ideal for its unique appearance and its smoothness.  


Purple passion plant is an outstanding choice for hanging baskets or pots with lattices considering its vining nature so you can train the slow-growing stems up. This well-known indoor plant is very easy to tend to.  Give it a consistent watering, and a bright spot and you’ll love the color it brings to your space.

Croton. Bold just begins to outline how spectacular and beautiful croton foliage can be.  There are a lot of variations of this colorful indoor plant. 'Petra' is one of the most popular. It features dark green leaves colorfully patterned with brilliant shades of gold, red, and orange. Crotons exhibit the best color when grown in a space with high light.  They do well too with a little direct sun when grown indoors.

Chinese Evergreen deserves the award for being one of the easiest indoor plants to grow.  It is outstandingly resistant to just about everything! It can flourish from low to high light, low to high humidity, even occasional watering. In addition to being super easy to grow, it's also beautiful to look at, displaying its dark green leaves patterned with silver.  Chinese evergreens can grow just about everywhere, but it's most luxuriant in a semi-bright spot with even watering.


Dragon tree is a well-known indoor plant because it provides an exquisite touch to indoor spaces and is super easy to grow.  So you may not know the name, but seeing the picture probably makes you say, “Oh, I’ve seen this pant many times”.   The verdant leaves look great atop its bamboo-like stems. 


Variegated varieties are an even more interesting version of dragon trees because of their colorful leaves.  You can look for selections that have pink or red corners. You can even check those that have silver to grey leaves highlighted with pink and red streaks. Dragon trees grow better in a spot with bright light.

Succulents, have some sections that are more than typically thickened and pudgy to retain water in barren environments.  If your office has a good deal of light then succulents are a great option. You can choose from a number of varieties and colors. They can grow and be planted in comparably small spaces. Succulents can add a lot of diversity to your office space.

Bromeliads.  Bromeliad plants provide an exotic touch and bring a feel of the tropics and sun-kissed climates.  The unusual appearance of the bromeliad is likely to make you think that the plant is high maintenance and requires special gardening skill, but it adapts well to low light and humid environments.  


Bromeliads are prized for their thick foliage that grows in a natural rosette, and the “flower” infloresence, which comes in a ariety of shapes an bright colors, largely reds, oranges, yellows, and magentas.  The wide leaves are sword shaped or scoop-like and grow around a central “cup.” This cup catches water in the plant’s habitat.


As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words.  In addition to enhancing the image of an office space, plants lessen noise levels and enhance air quality.

So, these are some of our best picks and your choices can go on and on, so be sure to choose those that satisfies the needs of your workspace.  Better yet, call one of our Inside Plants experts to help you select the best plants appropriate for your office lighting, space, and climate.

To discuss how Inside Plants can help you choose the right plants that can fit in with your budget while perfectly complimenting your office space, call us today at 951-371-4637 for a free consult.


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