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Choosing The Right Planter

Choosing The Right Planter - Your Brand, Your Message

As a business, it is important to be very clear on your brand.  This is what differentiates you from your competitors. It represents who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.  


Because of this, it is crucial to have a clear strategy in terms of your business’ branding.  It is what gives your company the edge in a competitive business world.


While the foundation of your brand is your logo, all elements that you choose to incorporate into your business - website, packaging, promotional materials, should communicate the message of your brand.  


This likewise includes how your workplace looks - the color of interiors, the furniture you use and the artwork installed in your offices need to be carefully integrated into your brand.


It might seem like overkill but even the plantscape you choose for your interiors should be a reflection of your company’s particular brand and message.  Afterall, your indoor landscaping may be the first glimpse that your visitors and guests get as they enter your space. And it is important that they get the right impression at the onset.  


While the plants you use for interiors are key, choosing the right planters has an equally great, if not greater impact on how your plantscape will look.  Therefore, it is important to work with an experienced indoor plant service company who understands this and pays attention to your branding.


INSIDE PLANTS, with our years of experience in providing interior plant services to corporate clients, can help in designing your plantscape and choosing the right planters to reflect your brand perfectly. 

Choosing The Right Planters

In choosing the right planters for your interiors, it is important to go back to your brand - what is it that you want to convey to your guests and clients? 


Each company will have a unique “personality”.  However, here are the basic types and our recommendations on what planters to choose that reflect each type well:


Solid and Trustworthy = Conservative and Neutral

If you are a major company that has been in the business for a long time already, or a financial institution, you would want to evoke feelings of trust from your guests and clients.


To reflect the image of trustworthiness, planters that are conservative and neutral in shape and color are appropriate. Our recommendations:

  • Cylindrical planters

  • Fishbowl shapes


If your office has limited floor space for planters, you may also want to consider a living wall with a simple, classic layout or one that incorporates your company logo.

Trendy and Forward Thinking = Fun and Colorful

On the opposite side of the spectrum, companies who are in the business of trends and trend setting aim for interior spaces that are cool and hip.  Having fun at work is the key here.  


Technology based companies, trendy restaurants, hotels and even shopping centers use plantscapes to their advantage to attract guests, visitors and employees. 


In terms of shapes for planters, the possibilities are almost endless. You can only be limited by your imagination.  Vertical, abstract or organic shapes in white or vibrant colors are the norm. 


These planters may be combined with other design elements like cubes or globes, sculptures and glass art.  Some companies even use planter colors to reflect company colors. 


And because plant walls are so in trend, many companies incorporate colorful living walls into their plantscapes.

Earth Friendly = Natural and Organic

With earth friendly companies, being sustainable is the key.  People being more and more aware of their impact on nature and many companies are taking an active stand on taking care of nature. 


Planters in organic shapes and made of natural materials such as wood, stone or terracotta or wicker are the best planters to use.  You can add visual interest to your plantscape by using different shapes and textures, taking care that they coordinate and blend well together.  


Again, the addition of a green wall using curved and organic shapes is the perfect complement to an eco-friendly plantscape.


“Branding” for Your Home

While we have been talking about branding for commercial clients, it also works pretty much the same way in private residences.  As a homeowner, your home should reflect who you are and convey your own message to your guests or visitors. 


In choosing the right planters for your home, the same rules apply as for commercial establishments. If you desire a more formal look, keeping to classic and neutral shapes is for you.  However, if you desire something unique but will still work well with your decor, you can opt for unusual or organic shapes or more colorful planters.  



Variety is always good.  However, too many choices can sometimes leave you overwhelmed. When this happens, it’s best to turn to experts for help and guidance.  If you wish to enhance your workspace with beautiful plants and planters, INSIDE PLANTS can help you achieve the plantscape that conveys the message of your brand perfectly.


As a premier indoor plant service company, we have everything you need to make your design vision alive. We offer a large variety of plants, as well as, beautiful and out-of-the-ordinary planters that complement the interior design of your workspace. 


So, whether it’s a conservative style you are aiming for or a more freestyle, organic look, you can be sure that can execute it for you perfectly.


To ensure that your business’ brand is highlighted, our team of creative and talented landscape technicians sits down with you to carefully discuss what you envision for your space.  We make sure we understand the image you want to project and the message you want to get across as a company. 


With a clear vision in mind, we help you choose the plants suited for your particular needs. And because the type of containers used can make or break the design, we also help you in choosing the right planters. 


Your plantscape design is just the initial step. INSIDE PLANTS also ensures that your investment remains fresh and beautiful all the time. Our indoor plant care experts make regular visits to ensure that your plants are watered, cleaned, and pruned to perfection. 


Ask about our Long Term Corporate Rentals. Make your corporate offices beautiful and green by renting plants and planters.  Our cost efficient and affordable rental program includes the plants and planters, as well as the guaranteed maintenance. We even replace plants that do not stay healthy and beautiful - at no cost to you. 


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