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Affordable Office Plant Service

Affordable Office Plant Service - Inside Plants - Who We Are

Since 1978, Inside Plants has been providing quality and amazing interior plant services to satisfied customers.  Our team of highly trained technicians are trained in interior plant design and maintenance.  

We also offer a 100% maintenance service warranty.  We guarantee nothing less than the best. We assure you that plants we install and care for are well-trimmed, watered, and are absolutely fresh and beautiful.   We provide the best affordable office plants for you and your workplace.

The Benefits of Having Indoor Plants


In the age of technology and industrialization, it makes us long for the days when trees adorned the streets.  Who would turn down a vacation in Hawaii? A tropical paradise where trees and plants visit your eyes wherever you turn?  


Sadly, we do have to work. Vacation won’t pay those bills. So...wouldn’t it be lovely to have that tropical paradise atmosphere while working, then?  Here are the benefits to having indoor plants in your own workplace. 


1: Indoor Plants Increase Focus and Productivity

Recent studies from various universities in the United States have shown that employees and students perform better when they are exposed to an environment with indoor plants.  In a similar fashion, exposing your own workers to indoor plants and decorating your offices with plants will not only enhance the beauty of your workplace, it will absolutely increase your workers’ productivity by a significant percentage.   


2: Indoor Plants Up The Positive Attitude 

From as early as the Victorian era, it has long since been proven that you can never go wrong with having plants inside your homes and offices.  Adorning your offices and commercial buildings with plants that liven up the atmosphere, will increase the positivity by 200%. 


Having plants inside your hallways, lobbies, and offices will help you create that positive vibe for your employees and your clients as well. Up your interior with those greens inside your building.  Create a greenhouse-esque paradise in your office space so you and your employees can benefit and feel happier. 


3: Health Benefits - From Clean Air To Reducing Stress Levels

Having indoor plants for your work space is also beneficial to your health. One, it gives the inhabitants cleaner and fresher air and secondly, it helps reduce stress levels.  Office plants filter the air, helping you breathe fresher air and they decrease the high temperature as well. 


They also lower stress levels by lowering blood pressure and cortisol levels. Scientific studies have proven that spending time with plants helps in relieving stress. 


4: Plants Are An Affordable Way To enhance The Office

Natural plants are much less expensive than fine art, furniture, etc., and they nevr go out of style.  Looking for affordable decorations to prettify your boring white or beige walls? Plants go with any color!  


Office plants are the best solution to the age old problem of business owners who want to create and achieve that wonderful savvy looking and chic workplace.  Plants are the best way to go. Affordable, beneficial, healthy and good for the environment. 


Reach out to us!


Now, after all your research for the best affordable office plants and office plant designing near you, we are here to tell you that the search is finally over!  Look no further than Inside Plants for your affordable office plants! We provide quick, healthy, and budget-friendly solutions for your interior plant designing needs. 


Inside Plants is here to help you achieve that vibrant, confident look so that investors and customers who visit your offices and sit in your lounges feel your commitment and passion.  All while enjoying the beautiful decor you have inside your work area. 

Interested?  We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.  Call us now at 951-236-5158 to get a free estimate from us! Let’s make your indoor office vision a reality with beautiful indoor plants.

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